Monday, September 26, 2005

Meaningful trip..

Here is the meaningful trip that I want to share with you all...
Yesterday, I had followed "tzu chi" to KKB (Kampung Kota Baharu). This place is far away from big city and is a bit like a isolated place. This place is a hostel for the disable people. These disable people not only cannot walk, but they also cannot talk, cannot control to defecate and urine. They just like a group of babies, but just different in ages. The only thing they have is FEEL. They can only feel you are concern them, sayang them.. pitty right?
When I arrived the place, a bit of stinking smell come from their hostel. Though my friend had come to this place twice, but she also cannot usual with the smell. The leader of group had bring us to visit them and know their living style. Their living style is very simple and all of them are lying in the bed. Because of that, their muscle were shrinking. Some of them even not lying in the mattress, to easy for cleaning the place they sleep. Moreover, some of their hand were tied by nurse to avoid they hurt themselves.
After knowing the life of them, we starting to have our own job. We all distributed into different group and service in different room. Most of us cleaning their living space like cleaning the fan, window, door, floor etc. There also some autie and uncle as a volunteer there. They helped them to bath, cut hairs, wash clothes etc. These all was simple for the normal person, but actually is very hard for those people. All the work must be done carefully to avoid hurt them.
When the lunch time, me and my friend had volunteered to feed them. Their lunch was chicken and rice. You know what, when you saw their food, you will thankful that you having a nice food even a bowl of rice. I just cannot tell how i feel about their food. *sigh* Some of them are not eating rice, they drink milk. We feed them just like feeding a 2 or 3 years old children. They feel happy and show their thankful in their face.
The half day of service were ended after all the job had been done. When we eating our rice that prepared by "tzu chi", I feel very satisfy even is just a vegetarian fried rice. I think I need to learn how to satisfy after having a visit for them.
Satisfy I'm having great food to eat, satisfy I'm having chance for study, satisfy that I'm having my loving family and satisfy everything in my life. I also feel that I'm the happiness people compare to them.
Are you satisfy with your life? Learn to be satisfy sometimes. Then, you will found out sometimes satisfy is also a happiness in your life.

Friday, September 23, 2005


After a few of problems, finally I can go to Kuching for my holiday trip!! Yeah!! I'm so happy though the flight fees are expensive. It had cost me RM304 for the round trip. Now got no money lor.. need to jimat jimat sikit ler....!! Thanks to Agnes because you are the one who giving a chance to go for travel!! ^_^

Waiting for the day come!! cHeeRs!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Naili's Place..

Opps.. I had missed out to share one restaurant with you all. This place maybe u all been go there or haven't going there. I had waiting so long for this restaurant. At last, I had go there last Saturday.

This place is really a good place for those dating people. It's a bit like jungle and also a bit like beach.. The feeling you having your food there are good. Moreover, there are many design of seat that you can choose from. The most interesting seat in this restaurant are the seat up on the tree. Wow!! But, some of my friends complain that there are so many mosquito.. and I didn't feel it.. hehe..

This wonderful restaurant is called Naili's Place which located in Sentul, KL.

The foods there are quite ok. There are variety of food that you can choose from. Nasi lemak.. Kuey Teow.. Bihun goreng... etc.. I had ordered one Naili's Place special and also a drink called Sunset. The drink is quite refreshing and tasting good. It including lemon, orange and soda. GOOD!!

Don't forget to bring your camera along. Coz there are nice place to take photo with your friends. Enjoy!!

here is the information of Naili's Place:

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Attend the wayang kulit bengkel 3 days continuously... tired but interesting. Now, I had know the process of making the wayang kulit.

We use the hammer and model nail to make hole and model it. Wow.. it looks like easy, but when you really punch the every small hole there, you will know after 15mins. Your tumb will be very painful. This is because we need to press the nail always. This are continue 2 days. Today is the last day. We finished the last task - colour the wayang kulit. We asked the cikgu to tie the bamboo stick for us, then we start our colouring.

At last, everything is done. The feeling are really satisfied. Though we are not happy with this bengkel, but now we already learn something and gain experience there. Hehe.. But there got one big impact: all of the assignment had to delay. Now, after the bengkel, had to rush rush for assignment and also TEST!!! *sigh*

Anyway, Happy Mooncake Festival!! ^_^

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sushi King~

Yo..!! Even today are tired.. but happy!!

Me and my friends go to Midvally having our lunch. Having our lunch at Sushi King.. many people that time.. lunch hour mar.. and because Sushi King having an offer for members from Monday to Thursday. Only RM 2 per plate for every food in the spinning tray.. hehe... one of my friend having the member card.. so no need to said.. we had enjoy this offer much!!

We ate a lot of prawn, salmon, unagi.. and much much more delicious food. We, 7 girls had ate for bout >30 plates. Wow!! One thing I wanna mention here are the "shi fu" there are good. He seem like heard our conversation and make the food that we waiting. Hahaha...

WE: "ei? why didn't have unagi eh? why he didn't make it yet?"

Actually the chinese "shi fu" seem like heard what we said and smile there. Later, just a few minutes, there come UNAGI.

After eating and wait for others food...

WE: "ei? why the prawn haven't come out eh?"

Again.. the prawn come in a few minutes.

Lastly, we waiting for another fresh salmon. Again, we said I want salmon....

Again.. a while later.. here come the salmon.

Really satisfy our these 7 girls there. Hahaha.. Somemore the really good things there are WASABI. GOod!! Unfortunately, I didn't bring camera along. If not, I'll show you how much plates that we had eat. hahaha....

Tonight need to rush for my thesis again lar.. Nitez....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


After finishing the assignment in one day.. tired but happy!! Finally, I had finished the damn computer crime's assignment!! Take a rest for one days.. sleep early on Monday..!!

For two days I didn't post my blog here. My house network are quite sh*t!! Everytime when I wanna take a rest to online (start from 10pm), sure the network will sot sot liao.. down always!! If I didn't want to use for assignment, then is fine. But this few weeks are the rushing week for me to complete my assignment...!! Most of it need to searching information online.. If the server down, then how I gonna finished my work!! Useless lar!!!

Next week will be my important week. Coz I'm having 3 test in one week. But this weekend, need to attend one stupid bengkel. The bengkel is about wayang kulit. Sound interesting? But I got no time.. Time for me is very very important!! Really regret that I'm taking the wrong ko-k. The ko-k I take is seni halus (drawing). Ask me to draw then sudah lar.. I still can stand it.. ask me to go for bengkel.. I'm a bit cannot tahan liao.. somemore.. got exibition in OCT.. and we need to do assignment!! WAH... is just one a "pass or failed" courses.. no need treat us like that leh!!! You think we no need to study, don't have assignment meh!! Really cannot understand the Malay lecturer!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to Big City..

Come back to KL lor.. sien.. !! Mummy had cooked a delicious lunch for me before I come back. Love you, mummy!!!

On the way back, cannot sleep well in the car.. aiya!! Now, I'm sleepy but still cannot have a great sleep coz need to continue with my assignment!!! Sleepless night....

Opps.. Today is Dashken's birthday!! Happy Birthday to you~

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tired Shopping..

Tomorrow will be going back to KL lor!!

I start packing from today. Wow.. there are so many things to bring back. Luckily, I'm going back by car.. nyek nyek nyek..!! On my way packing, I falled my sunglasses into floor. I thought the sunglasses will be ok, but unfortunately it had crack. *sigh* Though this is an unexpensive
sunglasses, but this my favourite. Mmm.. I think I want to get a new one. hehe...

Tonight, I go to Carrefour with my mummy. Wah.. so crowded!! Carrefour offer a fun card to win prizes. The fun card having an code and asking customer to scan the code into a machine. Then the machine will randomly pick the prizes you get. This is not the main attractive for all the customer. The main attractive are customers are allow to have a chance to win everyday. (If you really having time to go there and queue up!!)

I had a chance to get the fun card too. But the queue were too long!! I queue up until I wanna fall asleep there. Mostly of them are only get two results: mystery gift or no gift. After waiting for bout 30mins, is my turn. I had tried my luck there... and today my luck wasn't with me at all... I get nothing!!! So pitty.. stand for 30mins, but only get a good pratice for learning standing!! walau eh...

Just know that Joo had fall sick - fever. I heard that he is sick quite serious. Hopefully he will get well soon lar. If not, how we gonna go back to KL?!! *blek* Joking lar.. The important is get well from sick. If go back late, also ok, then I can stay at home longer.. nyek nyek nyek..

Friday, September 09, 2005

HolidAy End Soon..

For bout 4 days I didn't post my blog here. Busy? Not really.. Not busy? Not really also..hahaha...So fast my holiday pass. Now, still have 2days to go. *sigh*

Holiday.. holiday.. this name really can make a person so relax and enjoy..This whole holiday I also dunno how I go through. Cannot remember much. Many of my planning in the holiday are failed. Why?? Because most of my friend are not having holiday. Sien.. Luckily, Jessie are more
free on Wednesday. We had not meet each other since 8 concert in Penang. Having a great night for two of us!! We talk anything in a cafe. How wonderful that can share anything in your life with your good friend. ^_^

Assignment.. Even I need to rush for my assignment.. but still don't have any idea to start... Help!!! Now only realized... holiday are going to end!! *sob*

Monday, September 05, 2005

Feeling Blue...

Weather: Hot
Mood: Complicated

The mood today is DOWN.. too many things need me to think.. Too many decisions to make.. Too many.. Too many.. I think the better way is when the time I'm having a sleep. No need to think much. Am I try to escape from the reality? Am I too afraid to face all the problem? So terrible right?!! When can I face it bravely and having an answer on my mind? When?

Since I come back, my handphone dunno why and become a bit sot sot. Many of my friends cannot call me. They thought I'm shutting down the handphone but I'm not. Even message also hard to get through on time. I always receive the message late. But sometimes, the handphone are OK then. Dunno is the maxis problem or my handphone problem ar... cham!!
Maybe my handphone having the same mood with her owner. DOWN.. she also dun want to work properly. Wanna take a rest. =P

Anyway, I got one song wanna share with you all.. the name of the song is <他約我去迪士尼>. This is a cantonese song which sing by a group of Hong Kong's student. The group called Royals. The main vocal aka composer is KellyJackie who is a 18 years old student. Her voice not bad lor!! Another guy who also a composer is a 19 years old student. For lyrics, one is 18 years old girl and one 25 years old guy. Ah.. forgot to tell you, this song only using piano as music. Quite nice leh!!

This song is another hot hit in downloading. You can go to the forum and have a look there. Enjoy this song!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm HOMe..

yes!! I'm back to my sweet home yesterday!! The feeling at home really syok!! hehe...

I didn't take a bus go back to penang since a long long time. Yesterday, me and my friends were so exicited. WHY? coz we are going back to penang.. our dearest hometown.. secondly, we like the first time going back by bus... hahaha... silly huh?!! One thing suffered was each one took three bags. heavy!! I took one luggage, laptop backpack and one beautiful packing's present. Luckily, we got housemate to drive us there. If not, I think we all will no enough energy arrived Pudu after taking so heavy luggage. hahaha..

We arrived penang about 10pm.. still early.. go to have a char kuey diao... wow.. so many people there.. really a famous char kuey diao ar...!! After taking dinner and bath, I just can't wait to sleep on my own bed!! so comfortable!!

At home.. really enjoy!! Having a happy holiday for those who have holiday!! For no holiday, happy days!!