Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mega Sales

Today went to Midvally for shopping. Wow~ very crowded!!!! Everyone are going for this annual mega sales. Spending for about 30 minutes to find a car parking. ^^|||

Spend for half an hour to a parking lot was just fine. But what makes me angry was an auntie took our parking slot before us. #$%^&*()(*T#$%^&*(

Ok, fine. Later, we found another parking slot which was more near to the shopping entrance. Hng!! *BLeK* When we walked into the mall, OMG.. so many people there. The time only 12.30pm. Everywhere also SALE SALE SALE.

The shops like VINCCI, U2, SEED etc all full of people. Even Jusco also crowded with people especially for the counter that having 50% off or 70% off. Most of the man carried paper bags while women grab for the cheaper clothes. Most of the seats were seated by man. Hehe.. So pitty the guys, have to carry things and payed.

I walked till I exhausted... Many shops I also didn't stayed for a long time. Too crowded makes me no mood to buy. Finally, only bought two pants and a necklace. ^_^

Anyway, sleepy now.. Ciaoz..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I know I never been update my blog very frequently. I know.. I know... Maybe the day become more easy, I also became a lazy worm. =P

Now is the second week of study, there are still have classes that haven't start yet. I was wondering where did the lecturer go. Everyday got class is very boring, but everyday go to school and found out that lecturer didn't come even more boring.

I have bought two chinese novel. But, both of it I have finished reading. I'm very fast in reading interesting books.. Hehe... Now, no more $$ to buy books. So, the next location of books - library. Nyek nyek nyek....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lonely Journey

After having a two months holiday, I also rest for two months for no blogging. Now, I'm back.....

Everyone of my friend already starting their work and chasing their dreams, but me still remain the same place to do it all by alone. It is all are a bit different for me now, I'm now like a person who need to have a new different life.

Hoping my new life will not be so bad... Good luck to me!!