Saturday, June 23, 2007

Half year past

Last post is February, now is end of June. I had mostly work for half year. Time passing so fast. This half year, I didn't blogging here. Left my space here without any of concern.... aih... working life is really damn busy than studies time... miss lots for study life (but not missed with exam, project.. wuhahaha!!)

Yes, half year.. half year did happen lots of things in my working. Learn lots of things, been make mistake and learn from mistake. I feel myself had work for long long time.... but realized, I'm just nearly finished my probation period.. =P

Hopefully I got more time to write and shared here..... hehe~~

Anyway, tomorrow is my dear friend - William San birthday!!
Happy Birthday, William!!! Wish you this year having a sweet, unforgetable birthday~~~


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

哈哈,....我是由其他blog慢慢link過來.所以算巧遇.禮貌上該先自我介紹.但既然是巧遇.多說就算打擾了.沒去過penang.只在JB和KL待過一點點時間.聽說Penang是個古色古香的地方.希望有機會能去走走.也希望你的工作順利.嗯...been make mistake and learn form mistake...到哪去都是這樣子啦.只是在面對錯誤的當下.別被四周懷著的惡意擊倒.也別對自己有所懷疑.再高的職位再豐厚的待遇.也是一步步做起的.你只是經歷所有人都經歷過的事而已.~真不知道這則留言會不會變成亂碼~.我要再向下一個blog前進了.也祝福你.一切順利

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just realized it ... YOu actually post it! What a BIG surprised.. HONTO NI ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!! Keep in touch ya.. yea.. i agree with you. Time teleports.. not flies anymore.. Lot of things happening around.. anyway, friendship is forever.. so don't lost contact ya!


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