Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crazy Monkey

First paper.. over.. SEcond paper.. over.. Tomorrow is my third paper. Worried!! Even I had read over and over for this paper, I still didn't have confidence to score a brilliant result. Tommorow will be exam at 8.30am. GOSH!!

I'm gonna sleep early tonight. Now, using a little bit of the precious time for blogging here. haha~

Today, when I was on my way back from the exam place. I got chased by monkey!! DAMN IT!! I was riding on motor that time and saw a few monkeys along the road. I was prayed that they won't chasing me. From experience and "survey", the monkeys at UM like to chase GIRL. As I was praying, one of the monkey suddenly rush to chase me in a violent face.

OMG!! RUN!!! I quickly accelerate my motor. Luckily, the monkey didn't chase me anymore. But, I already get a real BIG shocked. If I'm on my way to exam, anything inside my brain will sure be forgot as get shocked. Really CRAZY monkey!!

I doesn't know why they like to bully girls? They seldom bully guys. Even the resident in hostel also, the monkeys will only disturb girls. Why why Why?? Because we look more fun for bullying? ArrRRRrrrrHHH....

ok ok.. I guess monkey will not online and saw my blog. So, maybe there's no one will answer my curious.. Hahaha~~ Gonna stop here for study ler.. Opps.. Going back to Penang tomorrow..

Tommorow.. RuSh Hour!!!


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