Sunday, November 19, 2006

Neway, Cheras

Last Saturday, I'm going to Cheras - Neway for karaoke session with my dear friends. It did a sweet memory for me. Because it also can be a farewell gathering for me. I'm going back to hometown by this weekend. Study life had ended and wanna start to work in Penang.

Though in between there's many incident that may causes us all annoying with the plan, but we all also did enjoy it. Eight of us (Kit, Eloo, S.Khim, Yleng, Pfun, Des, Patrick and Me) singing crazily there. But, Des and Patrick leave at 4pm while actually our singing session was until 5.30pm. We continue sang till 6.30pm as Neway free one hour for us. Haha~

After that, we did all go home. Feel sad.. At night, I went to Putrajaya for a walk with Eloo, Kit and HLiang. We did snap a bit of photos there. But, unfortunately, night scene is always hard to snap. We all arrived at Kit's home around 1pm. I overnight there.

This morning, we asked Des to join us for breakfast. We sit in the mamak for bout 2 hours. Chat bout everything. Long time didn't have this time.. Really did miss the time. We continue our chat at his house till 5pm. GOSH!! Don't know why we all got so many things to talk.. =P

Three of us - Des, me and Kit did plan a secret planning. ShhHH.. this is a secret. Anyhow, the gang of multimedians will be having a reunion dinner on next year January. Wow.. so syok!! Another crazy reunion dinner. We remember the every time we used to be together. The every memories we used to be having together. It did a sweet memory for me before I leave.

I did miss them.. miss the time together. Can the time don't pass so fast?

I be missing you always


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