Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

Happy 48th Birthday, Malaysia!!

That day, I found saw one of the interview for malaysian. The title is "Would you sing Negaraku? ". Among all of the interviewees, there are two person are giving a funny opinion. They answer is "I don't remember the lyrics". hahaha... how come leh? coz one of them are only 18 years old. Even he didn't sing in the school, but he will also been heard of the song at least once in a week gua!!

Today, I read something more interesting in theStar newspaper. One of a malay uncle in Kluang noticed the similarity between one hawaiian song and Negaraku. He noticed it when his son played a record from his antique collection.

"The song, entitled Mamula Moon by Felix Mendelssohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders, carried the melody of the national anthem but had a slower and more romantic beat. "

Is this only a kebetulan or Negaraku is copy from the tune? who's know?!! hahaha... If got chance, I also wanna listen to this song.. and compare which song will be nicer... but I guess should be... hahaha...

Whoa!! Today had go to Midvally for shopping. Even today is not yet a holiday, but still got many people there. Shopping result is: one tank top in Padini and one cami in Topshop. Yup... Moon Cake Festival are coming soon. So I also taking this chance to buy some mooncake that cannot be bought in Penang to my mummy. I bought one green tea mooncake in Hei Yuet Thong counterwith a nice packing. It had cost me RM 10.90. Is quite expensive for just ONE mooncake. But is quite yummy and is especially for my dearest mummy wor!! Recommend to you all lor!! If you wanna buy mooncakes as a gift, then buy for the packet of 4 mooncakes. The box are very nice and special. It is full of chinese culture. Go to to check more info lor. Yummy.. yummy!!

Enjoy the holiday lor!! Tired day.. wanna get to bed.. goodnitez!! ^_^

Monday, August 29, 2005

What to do?!!

Today is really a very tired day... is not physically tired.. but is mentally tired... there are so much of assignment to be settle!! modelling.. software engineering's assignment... case study... the important are thesis - literature review!! Already got so many assignment, but today the lecturer of technical writing course had assign us for another assignment!! The assignment are more focus on our techinal writing on proposal and also recommendation report! OMG!! We all are already so busy.. but still need to do the assignment of this unnecessary course!! *sigh*

Again.. Today I had forgot that my class had changed to 9am. I only wake up on 8.45am and still with my blanket on (coz haven't realized the time was already late!!) Suddenly, I realized my schedule had changed. I quickly rush for get ready to class. At last, I arrive at faculty on 9.40am. Luckily, this class was in computer lab and the lecturer won't be bother much. Quickly joining my group members to configure switch and router. *phew*

At the evening, I thought can relax myself by calling my friend out for dinner at Sentosa, PJ. But something had happen. The story was:

I want to eat "tong shui" in one of the stall. Then, after I take the "tong shui", me and my friend find one table and sit down. Later, got one aunty come near us.

She: "Do you wanna order some food from my stall?"
Me: "No. Thanks."

Sound normal right? But only the story begin...

She: " If you don't want to order some food of my stall, then you need to move. This is my table, I only reserved for the people who wanna order from me. If you all sit here without order my food, how I doing my bussiness?"
Me: "...."

Me and my friend had change the table immediately and lazy to argue with her. Dunno why the people there like to separate their table? Every customer who eat there are facing problem to order food. coz WE ALL NEED TO SIT FOR THE RIGHT TABLE BEFORE WE ORDER!!! really cannot tahan the aunty attitude!!! Why they just cannot be cooperate to share the table? All are the just doing their own business mar... aiyo!! so WEIRD!!

My first time..

I want to create my own blog since long long ago. But there are always no time for me to create my own. Now, this blog of mine had already out from oven..haha... Cheers!!

I'm the person who like to sharing. Finally, I'm having a place for me to share all my happy... sad... the every moment with all of you guys!! Actually a bit of nervous in my mind.. coz since my english are not so good.. lol..... but I will try my best to upgrading lar.. Hope that all of you will giving me support and feel free to post any comments. For new friends, Nice to meet ya!!

Everybody, welcome to my blog ya!! Waiting for my another post lor.. *wink*