Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keep keep keep

The very final exam paper had overed. Today is the last day I sit in Exam Building for the very last final paper. But, there's no feeling for me.. maybe all my friends wasn't there with me.

Planning to have a meet with all my dear uni friends for last time on this Saturday. I don't know when I gonna come to KL and meet all of them. Will we all lost contact? doesn't dare to think of it. The first thing I feel for this Saturday is a bit of sadness but also excited.

Finally, my study life had ended and all will be start from zero. A whole new life will be waiting for me somewhere.. Those chances for environment and new friends..

Now, I'm just keep busying for keeping my things. GOSH!! I did have lots of little things to keep. Aiyoyo.. headache. Continue my keeping by tomorrow ler.. aih.. Will be check out by tomorrow.


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