Tuesday, December 27, 2005

School opening

All of the housemate had come back by today. Tomorrow will be opening school. But they now planning for going back on this coming new year holiday. Hehe.. Me? I'm still wondering to go back or not.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Shopping Day (25/11/05)

* Wanna add in some of the small story for yesterday. When I was in Museum Negara, I'm so lucky. While I was enjoying my ice-cream under a tree, suddenly a bird's excrement fall to my hand. Luckily was not on my head... if not, "Wah~~~"

I was going to IKEA with friends today. One of my friend who came from Penang wanna went to see the furniture of IKEA. We went there by taxi. The taxi driver was really make us so shocked.

(As in the taxi..)
T: Taxi driver U: Us

T: "Mana itu IKANO? Kamu bagilah direction." (we told him we wanna go IKANO.. Three of us open our eyes widely after he said this word.)
U: "IKANO tak tahu? The Curve tahu tak?"
T: "The Curve??" (we almost pengsan there..)
U: "Mmm.. IKEA?"
T: "IKEA?? Mana tu?" (Really wanna pengsan!!)
U: (become anxious) "One Utama? Bandar Utama sana lar!!"
T: "Oh.. Bandar Utama!! Sana ada TV3 dan One Utama... OH... itu KIA!!"
U: ("KIA is car's brand la..") "Yaya.. sana adalah IKEA!!"

Huh.. at last the malay uncle remember where is IKEA at. Apalah... As a taxi driver, this such of big shopping centre and famous furniture shop also don't know. But sudahlar.. at least we can be arrived there. After arrived there, he gave us another "surprise"!!

T: "Semua RM8." (taxi meter was only RM 6.90 and >2 people will be adding more 20cent)
U: "Tak la. Ikut meter, mana ada sampai RM 8??"

Let you guess what's the reason that given.. I think you may guess incorrectly.

T: "Sebab ada air-con... kena bayar lebih!!"
U: "Mana ada reason macam ini.. tak kira la!!"
T: "Ada.. sebab kamu duduk dalam air-con ni.. bla.. bla.. bla.."

At last, I decided to pay for him. Pay for him that he was a terrible sh*t. I don't want to waste the time on this unuseful people!! He will just spoilt our shopping mood!! *angry* My friend was very angry and tried to argue with him. And him, this terrible malay ah pek, keep on giving the same reason, air-conditioner. I took for taxi so many times, this was the first time I heard that we needed to pay for air-conditioner. He wanted us to pay more for this sh*t reason!! I forgot to take down his plat number and make a complain.

As we begin to shopping, everything been forgorten for once. Hahaha... People crowded in IKEA. We also like the people who is going to buy furniture, testing and discuss on the furniture. Hahaha.. I like the children's room decoration. There was a bettle's light at the wall. It was so cute!! I wish I have one in my room also. Later, I saw one small star table's decoration with blue light. I like it so much and decided to buy it. But when I arrived the department store, I couldn't saw it. Then, I failed to buy it. Never mind la.. save money!! hahaha...

Next station - Padini Concept Store in IKANO Power Centre. There having a big sale. We spent most of the time there. I had bought one blouse for myself and one for mummy. Then, I bought two sweater for my brother too. Ah.. I also bought one lovely shoes for myself. Wow.. no money then. My friend said I had bought the brand in the Padini Concept Store. Why? Coz I had bought things from PDI, P&CO, Padini, Seed and also Vincci.

It's for sure that we not only shopping in Padini Concept Store. But we not really having much time to shop at The Curve. Because Yuan Hui need to go back to Penang. So, we had went back bout 5.30pm. As we arrived home, suddenly raining heavily. We couldn't send Yuan Hui went to Pudu or LRT station as we didn't have any car now. I helped her to call for a taxi, but they said no taxi that time!! We asked for help to Kooi Fen.

It was so jammed at PuduRaya there and was still raining heavily. Kooi Fen pulled over and I accompany Yuan Hui to buy bus ticket. That time was 7.00pm. Luckily, there still seats for 7.30pm. After saying goodbye to her, we decided to have our dinner at Petaling street. We wanna eat the famous ikan bakar there. Today was Sunday and also Christmas, so the people was so many and all waited for just the ikan bakar. We waited more than 45 minutes for a plate of ikan bakar. Because it was delicious and famous, all willing to wait (another reason: you need to pay RM 10 for deposit after you order). Though was spicy, but the taste was good!! Yum yum.. another great day in Christmas!! Tiring oh!! ^_^

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry X'mas

"You better Watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout I'm tellin' you why, Santa Clause is coming to town..." Yaya.. Merry X'mas to everyone!! Did you all enjoy the day much?? Wow~

I didn't went for any countdown. Just went around the KL. We had went to Muzium Negara, Dataran Merdeka and also Tugu Negara. All these places were the place that I never been went there since younger age. Long time didn't go there, but these place still got a lots of people. Most of them were going by tour. Today's weather was so stuffy. It feels like we cannot breath!! Besides that, the weather also so hot!! We also manage to take some photo for memorizes.

Later, we went for Shabu Shabu King in SS2 for dinner. The shop was crowded. Everyday also crowded!! The steamboat's soup we ordered for two different type. One was the original soup and the other was Japanese soup. The Japanese soup not bad also, the taste was like the soup that we also can be ordered in Sushi King.

First of all, we all having a tiramitsu for dessert first. Then, we took the veggies, crabs, prawns etc and ready for eat. Later, we took beef for shabu shabu. Hehe.. Nice!! Next, will be dessert again - ice cream!! We all were very fulled. Five of us really "good".. ate for 2hours. The table besides us has 10 people and they come later than us, but they finished and pay first. We win!! Hahahaha... =P

Oh.. this year's christmas eve was a raining day. So, we decided not going to countdown. We went to Kui Fen's house for watching movie. I think we watch half way, we decided to go for fireworks watching. That time was 11.40pm. First, we went to The Curve for testing our luck. Mana tahu, there were so quite.. didn't have any festivals there. Next, we trying our luck again, went to Sunway. Many cars parked along the roadside. We so curious and guess that maybe Sunway will be having fireworks show. We waited and waited... Nothing was happen. Haiya, kena tipu pula.. Maybe there just one car pull over for answering phone call, then other's car misunderstanding that there will be fireworks show. Hahaha... All had tiring, final decision = WENT BACK AND SLEEP!! Haha..

Though this year's celebration was not so special but at least happy!! Another celebration will be coming soon - New Year!! Hehe...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas soon

Will you all going for countdown? or stayed at home?? For me, I'm not sure. Anyway, no matter where you are, just enjoy your day!! Having a great holiday!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad or Good??

I think the time maybe is not yet suitable for me to come back to KL. Why? Many things had happen during this two days.

On the first day I come back, the taxi that drove me having an accident. And me, still in his car. The accident happen too fast. I just noticed that the taxi driver was tried to pass a car. Suddenly, "Bong".. A motorcycle was in front of his car. Both of us were get shocked and especially me. When I turned back, I saw the motorcyclist falled in the middle of the road. Luckily, all the car that time was a bit jammed and not driving too fast. If not, I dunno what will be happen to the motorcyclist. God blessed.. I also not sure whether the taxi driver or motorcyclist that should be blamed. Both of them having an argument later.. and of course, my taxi fee's meter still on jumping. At last, the taxi driver had "noticed" me still in the car. He told the motorcyclist to wait for him and sent me go back first. I only pay for RM 5.40 to the taxi driver (minus the fee's of waiting). He also asked for my phone number as if I needed to be witness for the accident. For so many times I took a taxi, I never met an accident before. Luckily, it was just a small accident.

After the accident, I thought everything was gonna be fine. On the next day, I was slept late. I suppose had class on 9am, but I wake up on 9am. I quickly prepare myself and went for class. When I arrived, I noticed I had already late but I didn't notice that I haven't pull out my motorcycle's key. I just noticed when I wanna go back. So nervous.. coz I can't found the key anywhere. Luckily, there was someone had pulled out the key and put it under my helmet (I locked my helmet on the motorcycle). I never met this before until this time.

Haih.. today's class also cancel. Dunno what's the reason I come back. If I knew that early, I will only back on next week. For this week, I only attend ONE class. Boring here!!! Though here can online anytime, but I rather choose to be at home.

Today is Winter Solstice. Everyone must eat "Tang Yuan" at home la. Yum yum.. !!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Feel bad

I had back to KL. The feeling coming back are bad. I'm just like I'm not ready to come back. I wanna stayed at home and hope for not coming back. Am I tried not to face any problems? Maybe so. I think I had already learn how to be independant and strong, but I think I'm not strong enough. Sometimes, I'm just like a child. Having a bad home sick. I miss my family!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Going back soon

The time passing so fast, I will be going back to PJ by next week. Had skipped the class for one week. Really doesn't have the mood going back...

Before that, I will be going to PISA to watch line dance. Hehe.. My mummy also take part lor.. It sure will be best coz a lots people will take part and enjoying there.

Fatty face.. =P

I had changed my hairstyle. Yesterday, I went for rebonding my hair. Wanna having a new look for Christmas and New Year. How's it? Nice or not? Hehe.. I had sit at the salon for 4 hours. Wow.. really sleepy. Oh ya.. Christmas is coming soon. How's you all celebrate it? 8 days to countdown!!

Yaya.. Besides of CNY, I like Christmas as well. It let me feels happy. Maybe the songs and the atmosphere had influenced my mood. Sometime, I'm moody too. Raining now, wanna have a good sleep tonight. Good nitez! Opps.. Forgot to said.. Happy Belated Birthday to Hayes!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Did I mention that my mummy went to Cameron Highlands? Mmm.. that's the great fruits she brought for us.

- Corn -

Delicious, juicy and sweet corn. Comparing to those me and my friends bought in Kuching, these are much much better. Why? After I post my Kuching story, then you know.

- Strawberry -

These strawberries were not buying in packet lor.. They were picked by my mummy at the strawberry farm. Taste so good. Fresh and juicy.. Yum yum..

Another special dessert..

"A whole sweet juicy Piemont cherry soaked in luscious cherry brandy liqueur and then encased in Ferrero's famous dark chocolate. Germans already know that Dark Chocolate and Cherries are an ideal blend of flavours. Ferrero's most desired Brandy Chocolates are a perfect surprise for any time of the year."

Before open the packet

After open the packet

This special chocolate was given by my brother's friend. The name is Mon Cheri. According to my brother, it is made and only sell in Germany. That's why they are expensive. I thought is a sweet chocolate. But when we opened and ate it, the chocolate was "juicy". The juice was whiskey (I think). Then, in the middle of the chocolate was a cherry. I didn't like much of the liqueur chocolate. Anyway, is quite special also.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Kuching - Day 2

Late posting again.. =P Class had started today. But me? still at home. According to Desmond, the class haven't started yet. Seem like my choice not going back early is correct. Hehe.. Ok, continue my Kuching story.

~ Day 2 (25/11/05) ~

Wake up early today. For me, today was less a bit of luck. When we all had well prepared go out, the car's alarm suddenly making noise. We all "forced" to wait until Agnes's dad come back to fix for us. We all started to hungry coz we haven't taking our breakfast. But the car was naughty, what to do?!! Had to eat biscuit to stop our hunger first lor. Until her dad back, we only knew what's the problem of the car. Actually was the car's battery problem, after her dad bought a new battery, everything was fixed. But to make sure car was ok, we went for checking before travelling. Anyway, we forgot about it very soon. Hahaha...

We went to:

1. Pustaka Negeri

This place is a state's library for Kuching. The building is big and there is a big pond beside it.
Moreover, there is a cafeteria besides the lake. It feel like you are in foreign city and having your lunch though the weather is hot. Haha.. The most speacial thing of this library are the stairs. It is make of glass (I think..) and you can see through everything from downstairs. So, girls, don't wearing a skirt when you go to this library, you may "exposed" yourself lor. According to Agnes, many couple who is about to married come to this library for taking their wedding's photo.

2. Cat Museum

I think you all must be heard of this museum. Everything's about cat will be exhibit here like
products of Hello Kitty, cat's drawing, cat's pottery etc. The entrance is free but you need to pay for the cameras and video cameras. If you discovered that you bring in camera handphone, then you also need to left it to the counter. They will kept for you. As conclusion, you need to pay if you wanna take photo. We took the photo secretly. *giggle* I like the drawing that drawn by one Japanese artist, Jian Yi. Every cat's drawing by him were very impressive. A good talent of artist. Opps.. yaya.. Outside the museum, there is a beautiful scene of Kuching landscape. And something had happen to me when taken photo, I had accidentally FALL my camera. It hit the road and luckily no car pass by. If not, my camera sure "gone". But of course, it did scratched. Pitty.. my camera!! Anyway, it still can be functioned correctly.

3. Fort Megherita and Waterfront

This is Fort Megherita.

Me standing in front of the sampan. Hilton Hotel in Kuching... there is waterfront.

Waterfront is the riverside along the Sungai Sarawak. It is a bit like Gurney Drive, the only different was ocean and river. Fort Megherita is a fort that built during James Brooke's government. It built at the riverbank to protect and aware of the unknown boat. We went there by sampan which only cost RM 0.30 for one way. This our first experience sitting on the sampan. It was very scary when we stepped in the sampan. It feels like the sampan was gonna overturned coz the sampan was unbalanced. Nowadays, they were not slowly row the sampan to across the river, but used motor. They only rowed when we almost arrived the riverside. Don't think that after you got down from sampan, then you will see Fort Megherita. You still need to walk pass a small kampung, old primary school and police station. You will only reached after follow a short path. Today was very hot, all of us were sweated. Inside the Fort Magherita, we can see the life of the army. But the place was not very clean, maybe lack of cleaning. Downstairs was clearner, but upstairs was not very clean and a bit of smelly. When we go upstair, the cleaner was cleaning the sleeping room of the "army" (there were a few model to show the lifestyle). All of us cannot stand the dust. We left there after 40minutes and left our signature in the guest book. Again, we went back to waterfront by sampan. Sat on the chair with cooling soft drink really enjoyable after the sweating trip.

4. Chinese Cultural Museum

On the way we walking back to carpark, we found out there was one building at waterfront. The small square building was Chinese Cultural Museum. It was a small museum that exhibit all the cultural of chinese like chinese instrument etc. We only spend bout 10minutes inside.

5. Lake Park Cafe

According to Agnes, there was rumor that this was haunted cafe. Why? Because it was near to the hundred year's grave. But if you don't believe, this was also a not bad cafe. It is beside a small lake, and you need to walk through a path with the bamboo's roof. Because christmas is near, so the cafe played christmas songs. We went there after having our dinner. All were fulled, so we only ordered drinks. The drinks are very unexpensive especially milk shake drinks. I had ordered one drink called Snow White. I thought the name was so special and the drink will also special. But I'm wrong. It just a soya bean milk shake and tasted nice also. Hahaha.. We sat there and had our enjoyable time for bout 3hours. Amazingly, all of us can talk for so long!! What to do.. we were girls!! We didn't took photo there as this place was not in today's plan. Miss the picture of the cafe.

We ate:

1. Kolok Mee

We went to the famous stall called.. Hmm.. I had forgot. =P The mee is a bit like wantan mee but the mee is special. Here got two type of Kolok Mee, original and CharSiew oil. The taste of original was while CharSiew oil was sweet. I like the one with CharSiew oil.. taste good!!

2. Kong Pia

This food is Fook Chew's food. It like small bread with the pork inside. It is delicious. Agnes said
the bread is only cheap. Last time, is only RM 1 for 10 breads. Now, also not yet expensive, RM 1 for 6 breads. Yum yum!! We all both like this Kong Pia. ^_^

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Day 1 in Kuching

Here is my holiday in Kuching.. Maybe you will think:"wow.. finally you want to share your holiday with me har?!" Haha.. If like that, sorry for last posting lar..!! If not, also never mind.. I also wanna post here. Hahaha...

~ Day 1 (24/11/05) ~

I'm having my last final paper at 8.30am. I depatured from my house was about 12.30pm and asked my friend to fetch us (me and Siek Ting) to LRT station, Station University. Next station: KL Sentral. Because we were rushing for time, we decided to take KLIA Express to KLIA. This was the first time that we took KLIA Express. I think inside the express train, only two of us was the youngest. It really comfortable and fast. We only took bout 20minutes to arrive KLIA. Mmm.. not bad. RM 35 also worth la.

Me and Siek Ting in KLIA Express.. did see my eyes? sleepy with excited eyes.. hahaha..

We arrived KLIA were about 2pm and went for check in. There still 30minutes.. We enjoy the time there.. took photo and ICE-CREAM!!! Both of us were very excited coz this is our first time's flight. Hehe.. Next, we went for boarding gate. There was a long way to the boarding gate. Before I starting my holiday, I started to feel a bit sleepy. Before the day I go for holiday, I'm had a sleepless night. Too bad.. the flight was delay 20 minutes. After waited so long, the flight had arrived. I had chosen window seat and enjoying the scene along 1hours and 45minutes flight to Kuching. The most enjoyable part was when the airplane started to fly. I like the feeling of the airplane's speed. Along the flight, most of time I only saw the cloud. According to the pilot, that day was a cloudy day.

Taken this photo inside the airplane

We arrived there about 5.30pm. Don't think that every airport also very nice.. Kuching's airport was not the one la. There was no air-conditioner after exit the arrival hall. It let me feels that I'm not in airport. Haha.. We having dinner at Agnes's house. Her mum cooked dinner for us. Unfortunately, that night was raining heavily. So, we decided to have a look at the night scene of Kuching, Sarawak. Agnes had introduced some of the place like Pustaka Negeri, Waterfront and etc.

There were Three BiG impression that Kuching given to me was:

1. Many big roundabout
2. Many big houses (rich people.. =P)

3. Many cafe that having their own unique style

Besides of me and Siek Ting, Milan and also Yoke Wah had arrived this morning. All of us having a early sleep to get more energy for tomorrow journey. Hehe.. Really sleep well that night. Maybe was too tired for me lor.. but at the same time, I also can't wait for tomorrow. Hahaha.. Here is the end of my first day at Kuching.. I will continue write in my next post. Be wait ya!! =)

*For your information, Agnes is my friend who stay in Kuching. All of us stay in her house and she become a tour guide for one week.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy and Unhappy

~ Drama: Last Christmas ~

This is Japanese drama that are now showing in 8TV at Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 7pm. I like this drama. Good drama to recommend for you all. I been seen this drama last year. I still can remember that the time when I watched this drama is during my final exam (my housemate download.. hehe..) It is a funny, touching and romantic love story. The scene inside also very nice. Since the title is "Last Christmas", sure there will be snowing scene and also christmas tree. Haha.. one more thing that very embrassing is I cried when I watched the touching part of this drama. For me, I think the touching part is very impressive. Maybe I'm the person is easily to be touch?!! Hahaha... Good drama!!

~Food: Corns~

My mummy had stim the corns which she bought from Cameron Highlands for us. Wow.. the corns was so juicy and sweet!! Yam yam!!! Comparing to the corns that we bought in Kuching, this is Good!! I haven't taste the fresh strawberry that pick by my mummy at strawberry farm, Cameron Highlands. But everytime when I opened the refrigerator, I can smell the strawberry's sweet smell. So nice~

~Study: Course opening Date~

After talking bout the happy things, now will "announce" the fash. Mostly of our major IT course had decided for shorten to 12weeks. Dunno why?!! So, now we all had to start our course from 12 of December whereas the others major course in faculty will only start their course from 27 of December. Is so unfair!! Why only us that need to attend the course more early? Hey, I just back from holiday and not yet finish enjoying my holiday at home!! Now, they asking all of the Multimedia student to go back there earlier? WHY??!!!! My holiday had shorten.. I want my holiday back... *sob sob*

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm back

Hi, everyone!! How's all of you there? Fine?

I already back to Penang yesterday. Having a fun holiday at Kuching, but there always raining la. My mummy had come back from Cameron Highlands today. And the most excited is she bought strawberry for us!! wow..

Ok la.. just a short blog tonight. Will write the story of my trip on the next blog. C ya!! NitezZZ..