Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sg. Wang

Suppose today I'll be stay in hostel and doing my assignment, but because of I doesn't like the life being so boring, I decided out with Kit.

We meet each other near Pudu about 11am. Next, I accompany her to make payment for flight fare. The agency is very hard to find since both of us were not very familiar with road there. After walk and asked for direction, we finally found that the agency is at behind Thong Shin's hospital. Today, I only know the exactly where is the location of Jalan Aloi. LOL..

After her payment, we parked our car near Time Square then walked to Sungei Wang. For a long time I didn't shopping here. I think since April. Everything still remain the same. But, after a long window shopping, we found that there's one thing different from now. The clothes etc are nice but expensive. EXTREMELY expensive!!! I'm so love the lady printed top, but unfortunately it was expensive. RM 99.90 for a top.. no money for such an expensive top, I no fate to own it. =P (p/s: is not branded shop also..)

I still can remember last time we can even bought a nice clothes or others accessory in a cheaper price, but now, I don't think so. For the one which are cheap, all not nice, not in our category. kakaka..

Padini company having a sales again. No wonder Vincci got so many people and messy shoes everywhere. Too many people there, so I was not giving a good chance to have a better look on those shoes.

Today, no any new stuff for myself. Never mind, can save lots of money. Haha..

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pitty Yeen

Pitty with my roomate, Yeen. Today is her happiest day also a sad day. She happy because she already finished her pratical teaching by today. Having a great farewell dinner and will be starting her holiday tomorrow. But, unfortunately, she accidentally deleted her photo's folder. Not only that, she also accidentally empty her recycle bin without any checking for the unwanted files.

When she realized, the folder already been deleted and trash. As I know, the file should be can to be found back. I quickly help her found solutions through internet. I had found a system restore solutions for her, but unfortunately all this cannot be work. From what I found is they using data recovering software to recover data either freeware or not.

Since I'm not very expert enough, I can't help her much. She is so sad. Pitty Yeen.. I'm sorry that I not expert enough to help you.. I'm so sorry for you. Hope that there's anyone who is expert can help you. CHEERS UP ya!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Luckily, my handphone's network is back to normal. My roomate tell me that she also facing the same problem like me. Huh?!! Alien coming to earth for doing research on our communication network? Haha..

This morning, the another little incident was my room's switch. Don't know why the switch cut off the electricity supply while others still can be used. Fan can be working, lights still giving it's light. Just the three switch were out of control. No wonder my stand fan stopped automatically. Waited till 11am, suddenly the switch can be used again.

This is third time I'm facing this problems since I stayed here. Funny, right?? lol...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


What happen? What happen??? What happen to my handphone?? Since 3+pm, my handphone cannot send any message to others. Even though I'm using my friend's handphone by changing my SIM card, but still can't be used. Surprisingly, I still can call and receiving message or call.


p/s: The fan already fixed. The technician said it just rusting inside the motor, that's why the fan making noise. After applying some oil, settle. Moreover, the toilet door also become smooth and quiet to open after applying some oil. Hehe..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Noisy ler~~

I think the fan in my room already work over. Last few days, it already keep complaining by playing it's own music "nyik nyok nyik nyok..". It's better coz it only noisy for sometimes. Now, it keep on noisy for every minutes. Cannot stand it.. aRRRGGHHhh.. Office is not open for today, so I have stand for one more night.

Dear fan,

You can keep on giving noise just for tonight, tomorrow, I will make sure you will keep your "mouth" shut. =P

Noisy.. noisy.. noisy night!! ^^|||

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Matta Fair 2006

I suppose not going to PWTC. I'm having a replacement class today. Wake up early as the class was on 9am. Mmm.. having class on Saturday really having a different feel. The whole university was quiet and calm. Not much others noise.. just my sound of breathing and the natural sound from insects. This morning, the day was filled with warm sunny. Such a great day~

I was a bit late for the class. But when I arrived, the DK's door was locked. DAmn it, don't know what the hell the security person was doing.. We all the students and also the lecturer standing there for half and hours just waiting for him to open the door. Lecturer also finished the class in a very fast way, we finished on 10.30am.

As I walked back, I call Kit to ask her for the matta fair in PWTC. She said she will go there to buy tickets for Korea trip. Though I didn't have any trip (except the Langkawi trip), I was happy to go along. Both of us met in STAR LRT station in PWTC.

There were crowded people. As Patrick, Philip, Yubi and Louis went for lunch, both of us went there for asking ticketing information. (Four of them arrived there earlier for planning the Langkawi trip.) We walked from Hall 1 to Hall 3. Too many of the travelling counters there, both of us a bit "dizzing". LOL..

After we settle ours, we met four of them and "help" them in decided the trip. (OS: actually not really la.. coz we join them after this, so a bit blur of what they had survey on..hehe..) We planned to having this trip by Air Asia. But according to them, it was very expensive than if we go there by ship. Finally, we booked one of the agency for the accomodation and also car rental.

Yeah~ WE GONNA HAVING A TRIP AGAIN IN DECEMBER OF 9 !!!! can't wait till that time~~

I think everyone of us already exhausted. Sleep well, everyone~

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's so annoying!!!

I thought today will be having a small test at 12pm. As we having dinner with Suki yesterday, I'm not able to study all. So, I had decided to continue study by wake up early in this morning.

I wake up about 6.30am for my study. Because I'm having class on 10am, so I quickly prepared myself on 8am as my friend gonna fetch me there on 9am. Ok, I think is all just fine for me. When I reached there, I saw my coursemate all standing outside the class while the lecturer never come. The lecturer is a punctual person, so we waited him for 15 minutes.

Next, I continue staying in faculty as my test will be on 12pm. I continue with my study. A cloudy morning and cool environment really makes me so sleepy. Hahaha... I studied till 11.50am. As I walked to the class, I received message from my friend. She told me that class already cancel and the test will be postponed to next Thursday. Surely, I'm very happy then.

Since there are no class, I went to computer lab for online. I just online for about 10 minutes. Suddenly a lecturer came in the lab and ask that we already go for election or not. For your information, today is our university election day. Everyone of us should be going for voting. As the lecturer want all of us go for voting, he asked the person who in charge of lab closed the lab. The purpose is don't want we all online there and go for election, for voting.

I feel very annoying with the election things. For my opinion, is our freedom for voting who and also decided the decision to vote. Haiz.. I don't wanna mention a lots here. Since is so annoying for today, I come back for online and posting. Later, don't know the class will be cancel or not. Being a student also can be so annoyed.. =P

Monday, September 18, 2006

Last time~

Today is my last day WALK to faculty. No more walking day, no more class on Monday. The lecturer already prepare for his further studies and he will be stop giving lecturer this Thursday. Since he know earlier, we also already finished our lecturer class. So fast.. when I think back, I was hoping this day come very soon. Now, this day arrived.

I will be staying at KL only for one months and 28 days. Then, this semester will be ended.

Fish's farewell

Fish with her bear - Juvane.

We having the farewell for Fish on Saturday at Italiannies, 1 Utama. I know I suppose to be post on Saturday or Sunday, but I didn't. REason: Too tired liao lar.. need more sleep.. ZZzzZZZzZZZz...

Ok, firstly, I will be introduce to you all who is FIsh. Fish is the fans of Mayday, a multimedians member, a person who is sweet and humour. Who ever be her friends, they will know, be with her you feel comfortable. But, very sooner, she will be leaving this state and back to her hometown. More importantly, she may didn't having chances to join us as last time. There will be another person who left in this group of multimedians...

Hey, everybody, don't be influenced by my sad feelings.. Come, let me share with you the farewell.. We planned to reached 1 Utama earlier as we wanna buy a farewell present for Fish. So, we decided to have a breakfast before we went there. The time we agreed to was 9.30am. Patrick and me were punctual, but there's a person who ask us in this early time had late. She late for 30 minutes. She is Kit. Because of this, both of us got ourselves a free breakfast. Hehe... Next, we fetched William together. We reached in 1 Utama about 11.10am. Not much time left, as we set our farewell time was on 12pm. Four of us started busy in the present shop for searching a cutie bear bear. At last, we managed to get a cutie bear on 12pm.

Next station, Italiannies. This is the first time we all having our meal there. The environment of the restaurant was not bad.. really a comfortable to have meal and chit chat. Mmm.. I think I'm not choosing the wrong place for this special farewell~~ Oh.. the person who attend this farewell are Fish, William, Yubi, Louis, Desmond, S.Khim, Patrick, Kit and me. Although only nine of us in this farewell, but we still enjoy ourselves in that moment. We order 3 of pasta and one of pizza (I forgot to take one of the pasta photo..). We all very fulled.. delicious~ We stayed there for about 3 hours. Like that.. the farewell was ended.. maybe this the last gathering with Fish.

Seafood Lasagne

Meatballs Spaghetti

Classic Pizza

My drinks, Fling (Mocktail) - Yellow Birdie

Louis, Yubi, Fish, Patrick, Desmond, William, me and Kit

S.Khim come after this.. Fish and S.Khim

After saying goodbye and hugging, we left the Italiannies. Next, four of us ( Patrick, Kit, S.Khim and me) went to William's house as to visit his puppy. His puppy named Eiffel. So CUTE...!! We all pampered him and played with him. I did took some photos with him, but unfortunately all were blur as Eiffel turn his face around. =P Anyway, happy to see you, Eiffel.

As Patrick send us back, suddenly raining heavily. Is it the sky also feel sad of fish's left? Tomorrow, she will be leaving in the morning. Good luck to you, my friend.. we sure will miss you very very much..

Thursday, September 14, 2006


"Resign.. resign.." this word seem like become a word that always said by my friends. Feel likes not even a week, I will suddenly heard a news that who who who already resign.

I think the whole journey of life, the only most annoying is working, right? Even though the study life also annoying, but we still can enjoy very much for the uni life and school life. Holiday will be always the longest comparing to work.

When I was young, I always dreaming of work. Because work can let me earn money and can buy lots of things. Somemore, I alwasy dreaming of work in the comfortable enviroment.. then can wearing a nice working suit. NiCE!!

Dream always be a dream. I think I must be born as a DREAMER.. I like to dream.. LOL.. Sometimes, my friend will be complain about their works to me. I always be the listener to them. This maybe giving me a preparation for the real world.. a big world~~ Though sometimes I will feel afraid.. will feel unconfident.. but with the dearest friends who support me always.. I'll be always be me again.

Sooner, I will be going to join my friends in the real big world. No matter where u r.. Good luck for who searching jobs.. and good luck for me also.. AZA AZA FIGHTING!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Just a few minutes ago, I was going to post my new post here. Suddenly, the network down and everything gone!!!! As I refresh it.. suddenly I accidentally closed the browser. SH*T.. everything I wrote just now is really gone!!!

Didn't have the mood to write again.. I'll be sharing with you all next time, ok? ^^ (OS: lazy.. said lazy la.. haha..)