Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thanks to all~

This year, birthday celebration didn't have a big birthday cake, no party. But, have lots of greetings from all my dear friends...

No matter is a call, an sms, a message in msn, circles or even a testimonial in friendster.. I also happy with that. The most touching call was the call from my family. Thanks for calling me, it did really a meaningful present for my birthday.

Pei Chi, thanks to your tiramisu.. Though you can't celebrate with me, but you also give me a call from far. Thanks for my roomate who bought me a present and also tiramisu to celebrate with me. The one who always help me, Wan Teng, also prepared a special present for me. My cousin who working in Cambodia sending a sweet message to greet me. Another best friends, Kit and Yih Loo, spending their time to be with me and treat me a great meal. Especially Yih Loo rush from hometown just to celebrate it. And you.. Patrick.. thanks for your cutie present. All of you really make my birthday special even I didn't have a special birthday party.

Ya.. not only them to make the day special.. still have you, you and you~ haha~~ Here I'm gonna thanks to them. They are William, Fish, S.Khim, Yubi, Leng Kia, XiaoYeen, Ai Huey, Cheak Seong, Yeong Wei, Choon Gaik, Cheau Ping, Pooi Wan, Lianne, Mei Ai, Mun Fai, Chai Lian, Chin Shen. For who are forgot to list here, sorry har. Thanks to you all~ (Just like I'm getting an awards.. haha~~)

Oh..Desmond, thanks to you too~ Calling me to greet me and somemore greet me in many ways. Haha~ Kean Seng, you also, what a good friend, call me from Penang to give me a greet.

I think I feel special in this year's birthday. Love you all~

Friday, October 27, 2006

HapPy BirThday

Today is my birthday. This year I don't feel much happy for my birthday. Last few days, I met an incident that I wish I never had in my whole life. But, it did already happen. Nothing else can do but just face it.

HappY BirthDay to me, myself and I...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back later

yeah yeah.. going back to sweet home later!!! I'm gonna leave the polluted air for one week. =P

Last few nights, I'm really not enough sleeping.. because of assignment again. The last final assignment for me. At last, now already over. I had passed up my final last assignment. No more assignment for lecturer again.

Walk in to the faculty for the last time, remember the every path that used to be me and my friends always there. Remember the every memory in heart. The day leaving my friends are getting closer and closer.

Anyway, I'm gonna home today. Go back to see my dearest family who always giving me support no matter where am I. Muaaks.. I'm coming back!!! Go back must get a good sleep.. =P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Wake up very early for assignment. This assignment even in the dream I also keep on doing it. Crazy soon.. =P =P

Tomorrow will be having a mock test. Doesn't care anymore lar.. just ignore it for this moment. Assignment is much important. Haha..

Busy.. busy.. busy.. everyone also busy. Oklah, just drop by here for relaxing a while. Keep on busying...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Over, it's over..

Because of one incident, I'm so sad and did cry. =P I know I shouldn't cry but I just can't help myself with it.

Because of this, Kit asked me to go her home while she would go back took things and overnight with me. She scared I can't afford the feeling of sad. Really, when you sad, there's a friend at your side and give you support, you feel better. After going out, I did feel not so sad anymore.

As promised, she really overnight at my place. We did have a pillow talk for a long time. Talk about anythings.. in the midnight till early in the morning, 5am. Talk until both of us get tired and slept.

Kit, thanks to be with me. Besides, also thanks to Pei Chi that always give me support and be my side. Ya, Huey, you too. Love you all, muaaakks!!

Everything now already over.. ya, it's over. I should thanks to the incident, it let me grow again. There's lots of challenge waiting for me, I shouldn't lose because of this incident. Be brave.. Be confidence.. Be strong.. I said to myself.

Friday, October 13, 2006

What happen?

From this afternoon till just now, our hostel's network very slow.. slower than a snail. Maybe of this reason, even Yahoo and Google also can't browse. All can't be browsing except msn messenger. For those like me need to online searching information for assignment, the pressure of blood increased. The person that will be getting more and more complaining message is the technician. Pitty him la.. every time server down, server slow etc, all he have to handle it. I think everyone of the residents here also having his handphone number. But what can he do? We already paid for an expensive fare to have such of services? Who so idiot?!! So, no one can help him la except the network maintain in a good condition.. haha~~

Yesterday, I thought I was came back to hostel for assignment after my test. But, Teng dragged me and didn't want to let me went back. She and her coursemates were planning have a singing session at PJ Song Bird, SS2. Being forced by her, I followed them.

The place there was not very big. Somemore, outside there's a bar and people can choose to sing publicly. Yesterday, it was their 12th anniversary. But, we also didn't get any promotion from them. Haiya.. The services also not very good and there's no food provided. Only drinks. Foods will be extra charges. Next, there only 2 mics for us.. we having 7 people here but they only provide 2 mics?!! Anyway, it is cheap lor.. Because we were students, so after charging, the fees only RM 10 per person. Cheap, right?

Although is cheaper than Redbox or Neway, but I more prefer them. Their services better, comfortable singing room and there's variety of songs too. But, we also having fun there. ^^

Monday, October 09, 2006

I want fresh AIR

I wanna fresh air.. The API is increased today. You can see the difference between this two days. Haze getting worst. Still remember the evening of Saturday.. the sky is clear. Because of the gift from Indonesia once in a year, we forced to receive it.

Anyway, hopefully the sky will be raining soon. Ok, here is the photo that we went for karaoke session in Neway. Enjoying ourselves there.. when will be the next karaoke session??

All busy with different stuff. Haha...

All so concentrate in singing.. but not me.. kaka...

Pray for the new fresh day coming by tomorrow.. Pray.. =P

Sunday, October 08, 2006

No more haze?

Today morning, there still haze everywhere. Suddenly, in the afternoon, all the haze gone!! Surprisingly~ I took some of the photos.. Coz the sky was so crystal blue.. I like it!!

In the evening, the sunset was so beautiful. The sun shine on the cloud and makes the cloud look like larva. Beautiful scene~ If you miss the chance to see the beautiful sunset, there's the photos.

Hopefully haze won't come to pollute our sky and air.. I'm gonna sleep soon. NightZz..

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Boring? Not really

I didn't celebrate the lantern festival yesterday. But I had met my best friend, Pei Chi at Midvalley. She didn't work today as she take leave. It's a chance to meet her since she was very busy with work. So, I won't be hestitate to join her.

I went there about 4.30pm. She will be with her mummy and sister. Her sister is a pretty lady while her mummy also. Both of them are very kind person. Since I already shopping the day before in 1 Utama, so I controlled myself not to buy anymore.

There's many people in Midvalley. The situation was like in Saturday. Again, the Vincci crowded. The shop's rack was messy with those discounted shoes. Mostly of the shoes were the last pair. Actually being a lady is more enjoyable than being a guy. WHY? Because there's a variety of shoes, accessories and clothes that we can choose from. But, for guys, they get less of the choices. Hehe..

After shopping, her mummy and sister left Midvalley first while both of us having dinner at Secret Recipe. We odered Sphagetti Bolognise, but is not delicious anymore. The quality was reduced and somemore the waiter there were sleeping most of time. There was a lots of waiter but don't know what they doing there. We sat there for a long time, but they still didn't serve us until we called them. What kind of customer services??

Pei Chi had treated me for this dinner. Thanks wor. There was so cold. So as soon as we finished our dinner, we left. Continue our shopping journey as Pei Chi wanna buy a top to match her new purple skirt. As I mention before, I decided not to buy anything today. Lady is lady.. I also bought one sphagetti top at ROMP. At last, Pei Chi also manage to buy a long sleeves shirt for her at SODA. Both of us were satisfy and go back with tired.

I forgot to look on the sky for the big big moon. Worstly, I forgot to give my mummy a call to greet her. Mmm.. must call her today. =P My lantern festival was over without any mooncake, lantern or any celebration.

Pei Chi, thanks for everything wor~ MUuuuAAaaaaaaaKs!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

HapPy Lantern Festival

Today is Lantern Festival. Mostly my friends go back hometown to celebrate this traditional festival. But I'm not. HappY LanterN Festival wor.. everyone!!

Last night wanna blogging here, but too tired.. so I choose to sleep.. haha~ Yesterday, I went to 1 Utama for shopping with Teng. The main purpose was MOONCAKE. That's the last minutes plan, coz I plan not to buy mooncake before that. But, after think and think, I wanna buy one for my mummy. Hao Shun Lui.. lol...

The other purpose: PADINI is on sales now!! This is not really a main purpose. But, seem I already reached 1 Utama while I'm still had a birthday discount voucher with me. Hehe.. both of us decided went to Padini Concept Store for a look.

Before that, both of us searched for dinner. We decided went to Vietnam Kitchen as been recommend by friend. The foods really delicious. Both of us like it. Moreover, the services also good. ^^ I think the photo will show you all.. Too bad.. I forgot to take a photo of my dinner. Aih.. We like the onion cake the most, it was delicious and crispy. Next, Teng's dinner was beef noodle soup. I had forgot the exactly the name was. Delicious, a bit like Hokkien mee while the noodle is like lou shu fan. But, the noodle soup was not hot, just warm. So better finished it before it get cold. My dinner was Curry Chicken Rice. Delicious, I like the curry. Maybe the curry is not cooked by curry powder, coz I didn't taste any of the curry powder taste. Our drinks was Lok Poh Tong and Ma Tai Lou. Lok Poh Tong got longan, hong zhao etc but it taste Jasmine. I don't like Jasmine at all.. so I not very like this. Mine was Ma Tai Lou. This is great coz there lots of ma tai.. great!!

Vietnam Kitchen in 1 utama

Me.. a bit fat.. lol..

Teng enjoying be there..

Did see the noodle? like lou shu fan or not?

This is the veggie that u can choose to put in the noodle soup

I love this..

Tong sui with Jasmine taste

This desert very delicious~ *drool*

After that, we went to Padini concept store. I like shopping on weekdays coz didn't much people will distract from the products. haha~ Later, with the birthday discount voucher, all the items I bought will get 30%. Good~ Now, the things that I bought were in resonable price. I did buy a tank top and heels. Moreover, I also got one polo tee for big brother while mummy will get a sleeve shirt. Satisfied but I had blow up my pocket. haha~

Next station, mooncake stalls. Many people did doing the last minutes of buying mooncake. Crowded~~ I choose Hotel Equatorial's mooncake. Though I never try it before, but I heard that the mooncake is tasty. The mooncake is costly but it couldn't buy in my hometown ar.. that's why I bought it for my mummy. Certainly, I only did buy one. Luckily I did manage to grab one before sold out. One lady (I heard the promoter said she come from korean) bought all those mooncake and will bring back to Korea. She spend RM 218 for those mooncakes. As I said, I manage to grab one special mooncake, Kei Ji Dong Guai which cost me RM 15.86. Original price is RM 16.70 but the promoter was so good, she personally give me discount 5 %. Hehe..

Besides that, I also bought Cecillia Ahren's new book- If You Could See Me Now. I been read on her first book - PS, I Love You. I like the way she wrote. Happy.. coz have another book for reading. I like reading~

Anyway, did you all having any planning tonight? I'm bored ler.. =P Don't forget 11.45pm, look at the sky, there will be a beautiful and largest moon in the sky. Enjoy the festival with your friends, family also.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Again, I'm suffer of insomnia. Don't know later how I'm gonna go for class, sure will "fishing" there. =P

After blogging and surf net, now a bit tiring. Mmm.. if can't sleep, still need to take a rest. If not, suffer for me later. LOL..

Trying to sleep again. Ciaoz..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Late posting

I looked back the previous post that wrote by myself.. suddenly I amazed by myself. I can wrote so many post with so many different feeling inside? PROUD of myself. Hahaha~~ (p/s: don't be too proud.. u still have lots to learn to be a good blogger. )

I realized that actually I had missed out a few events that I promised to be sharing here. Maybe too old? That's why I always so forgetful. Blek blek.. don't want.. don't want.. I wanna be young~~ Hehe...

The tioman trip, I didn't sharing with you all yet.. But sooner, I promise I will be sharing here.. promised.. Oh ya.. the karaoke session.. my dear nephew and niece... I swear I will be sharing here.. ^^

Now, I wanna sharing my dear friends' convo which I attend. Actually this badge, there have lots of friends graduate. But, I didn't manage to attend all. But, my wishes will always be there with them all. Here, I did pick up some of the friend's convo to let you all have a view. Hehe.. maybe the technics are not very well. Forgive me la.. I got assignment to rush neh~~

One week of convo, I had attend three days. The most unforgettable is 9 of August 2006. It should be my day also, but unfortunately I miss it. OppPsss.. But I did busy with grabing the chance to take photo with them. I think the convo on that day is the most tiring day and enjoyable day. This day was the most special day in my life. I sure remember we did having a gathering after the convo finished. Although there's not many friends that can't join us as they need to accompany their family, but it was a great night.. ^^

Gathering at Tai Zhi Char Chan Teng

They are coursemates.. friends.. best friends.. everyone is the main character in my life. I sure will miss you all very much.. MUaaaKs..!! Best wishes to you all~


Monday, October 02, 2006


Frustrated by the assignment. Spending a whole night for the photo combination for my assignment, but unfortunately because of the photo's edge, I have to redo again.

I think that's the beautiful's position for all those photos, no matter how i redo and redo, the feel for the first work I make are not the same. Thinking.. keep on thinking.. spending for whole day for this photo combination. Going crazy soon ler.. =P

Everyone also busy.. busy.. and busy.. And so do I. Another test will be held on next Thursday. Moreover, this assignment is gonna meet it's deadline. Must keep on "GAMBATE NEH~"!!