Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! Happy New Year!! Wishing everyone will be having a good luck and forturne!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


You can said me is terrible person. You also can said me is a bad blogger. You may also can said me is lazy. But all I also DON'T care for this moment.

I think I have to stop for two days. Reasons: too many works on me!! Can't breath!! SOS!!! I wanna concentrate for those studies first.

Sorry everyone. But I sure promise I will continue my blog as soon as I finished my works. Ok? For everyone having test by tomorrow, GOOD LUCK!!

MM's reunion dinner

Date: 23 of January 2006 (12306)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Restaurant New Paris
Weather: Raining
Mood: High
Special attractions: All red in clothes. ^^ (except a few of them)
Special events: Giving mandarin oranges as souvenir, birthday cakes (aiya.. we lost the good red wine..over budget..)

Tonight really having a good time at New Paris where we having a Multimedia's reunion dinner just a few hours ago. Me, Yoke Kit and Siew Lan were the latest among them. What to do.. traffic jam in SS2 mar..!! Mention a bit.. who do I sit with. Our table: Desmond, Louis, Christopher, Patrick, Philip, EK, William, Yoke Kit and me - Anthea.

There very crowded and fulled of the voice of people. "Yam Seng" is the most popular that time. We tentu will not lose to others la. We are "Multimedia.." then "Yam.. Yam.. Yam..." for quite long also.. then only "Seng". Crazy enough lor. Hahaha.. Before that, having more fun when the lou sang time. 3 tables of people standing in one table with 3 plates of lou sang. Wow.. really enjoy that time.

Besides of eating, we also bought a cake for 3 person who having their coming birthday soon. They are Yoke Kit, Philip and Pei Fen. We sing the birthday song for 3 person in two different language - Chinese and English. I'm sure they having their unforgetable's birthday.

Next, sure must be photo taking time. Before that, we also get one mandarin oranges for each person. Mmm.. this RM 20 is worth enough. Best!!! I'll only upload those photo after I gather all the photos from friends.

We having our own programme after the dinner. Yoke Kit, Siew Lan and I went to the pasar malam in SS2. But mostly of the stalls had keeping their things as the time was late. Enjoy also. Hehe..

Enjoy all those enjoyable trip and dinner.. Happy happy!! But then, nightmare always come after me - thesis and also test. Must have a sleepless night by this week. Gambate!!


These were the photo for my house's reunion dinner at Yuan, Sunway.

Family photo.. except Alex and CS

22 of January 2006, a day to remember. All girls who stayed in No. 17

Variety of foods

After eating, messy hor??!!

I'm taking a video and ahJoo took this photo of me.

The main gate of Sunway Pyramid.. Nice!!

Three of us taking the photo. The rest standing behind taking photo also.

Monday, January 23, 2006

17 House Reunion Dinner

Now, the time almost 3.30am. And I still not yet sleeping. Besides of doing my thesis, I take some of the time for blog here. Almost wanna sleep as my eyes are painful, they seem like push me to sleep.

Today is my house reunion dinner. It's said reunion dinner but not reunion at all. Because two of the guys housemate, Alex and CS didn't attend it. Both of them having their own reason. Sudah lar.. We went for ourselves lor!! Ok, now counting for the person who go: ahJoo, ahRiang, Kok, Suki, Yeen, Teng, Shan and Me. Another special guest, KeanSeng also go. He is not only our special guest, but also like a member of our family. He like half of my housemate as he having our house keys. Hehe...

We suppose went for dinner at about 7pm. But because of waiting for someone who went to shopping, we departured on 8pm. So late.. and I'm hungry!! We decided went to Sunway for steamboat buffet. The famous steamboat called Yuan (In English, the meaning is fate). As we arrived, there got many people enjoy their foods inside. Besides, there also many people outside waiting to be called. We "register" with the owner and waited for about 15 minutes.

After waiting and waiting.. was our turn!! Yeah!! We got a table in upstairs. Good!! There also got many UM's student went there for dinner. The shop is better than Shabu-Shabu King as there got variety of foods. Moreover, you pay for RM 18.80 for not just steamboat but also fried rice, mee siam, fried chicken wings and also dessert, kuih. It's really worth, right?

We started to "collect" all the veggies, seafood etc for get ready the steamboat dinner. Hehehe.. While waiting for the soup boiled, we ate fruits and some mee and kuih. The shop was crowded and noisy. Everyone was happy. After a while, the famous chicken wings appeared. Many people rebut for the chicken wings. Mmm.. we failed this time. Never mind, we still having time, try again later. I think the chicken wings will "lost" from the tray after 5minutes. Fast, right?? But we manage to take twice.. Hehe.. Mmm.. As told by friend, the chicken wings really best. Wow.. delicious!!

We spent for 3 hours there for eating and also photo taking. Desserts also nice especially Ice-cream!! yeah yeah!! All eat until very very fulled. Before we going back, we went to Sunway Pyramid there for photo taking. The decoration there were very beautiful as CNY is coming soon.

After going back, Kok felt uncomfortable and wanna throw up. I think he must be eat too much lo. Aiyaya.. Hope he is fine la. Tonight will not be upload any photo yet.

Now wanna sleep.. Sleep.. sleEp...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Taman Pertanian 21/1/06

Photo album:
Inside the snow house. This is the snowman. There got one sign board:"Please do not throw ice to me. Please.." Hehe..

Me, Kean Seng, Yeen and ahJoo

Me and Kean Seng. I'm holding the cold ice. Wow.. COLD!!!

After holding the ice, took a photo with cutie penguin la..

Winter feel, right?? Actually it is because our camera lense blur because of changing temperature after come out from snow house. It's hot!!

7 of us.. Yeah!!

3 girls in hanging bridge

Guys in their bicycles. Kean Seng, ahJoo, ahRiang and Kok (left to right)

Girls with their bicycles. Yeen, Shan and me (left to right)


Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam sure must be having a connection with natural forest, lake etc. Yes, it is.. a natural place of Bukit Cahaya.

We plan to depature on 10am but because of waiting someone, we depatured on 11+am. Yesterday weather was quite hot also. We arrived there about 12pm. Many visitor also especially who come with a group of friends, like us.

The entrance ticket is RM 3 for each adult. For the adult over 55 years old and children under 12 years old was just only RM 1. Not so expensive. You can choose for bas and also bicycle. But if you want to choose to walk, I tell you, don't do so. Coz the area is too big, you will exhausted. The other one comfortable transport - bus also not a good choice. I think is not meaningful if you ride on bus. We been ride on bus too as two of us don't know how to ride on bicycle. Mana tahu, the bus didn't stopped for any station except the four season house. The rest like taman haiwan also didn't stopped. The bus just like drive u along the road then U-turn back already. Mmm.. although is more comfortable but not satisfied us.

So, two of my friend - Shan and Kok went down from bus at four season house's bus stop. Then, five of us - me, Yeen, KeanSeng, ahJoo, ahRiang back to the bicycle rented house for renting bicycle. There was a lots of mountain bike that can be rented. But is also a bit expensive. The first hour of renting was RM 5 for the new bike and RM 3 for the old bike. Then, for the subsequent hour will be RM 1. Normally all will be renting the new bicycle, coz the break is in good condition. Actually don't think that the new bike is a extremely new, just different the condition of break from the old bike.

We quickly choose our bike as ahJoo need to register his name and IC No. Yeah..!! Here we go!! We started to ride our bicycle to the four season house and meet them. Wah.. long time didn't cycling... A bit hard.. no energy!! Guys are better, just both of us - girls. Hahaha.. But at last we arrived. Really exhausted!!

Can't wait to go in the four season house. It will change accordingly to months. Now is winter time, so for sure, inside was snow house lor!! The entrance was RM 3 per person. Wow.. really COLD!!!! Inside got two room with glass door windows that allowed us to go in for a winter feel. There got fake snow and they decorate like you really in the winter season. There got penguin, small house filling with snow, snowman, trees with snow etc. We thought the fake snow won't be too cold.. but seem like we are wrong!! We took the snow in our hand and having a photo. Just one second, our hand cold until painful. But, you can try also. The feel so good.

After the corridor, there having another corridor to keep your temperature to normal before you out of the snow house. There will be warm for you. Enjoyable time. The temperature inside the snow house is about 2 to 7 celcius. Just imagine, outside is about 30 celcius and suddenly you feel the coldest weather.. and is in M'sia. Cool and COLD.. Hahaha...

Next, we continue to visit other place by cycling. Moreover, the two of them - Shan and Kok started to learn how to cycling. Actually they got experience of cycling but just in younger age. They had forgotten, so need to pratice again. The scenery was good also. We took many photo there also. The first person that know to cycling was Kok. Congratulations to him!! Next, after Shan pratice and pratice, she also know how to cycling. So, after that, we less two bike.

Ar.. don't think that it was easy for cycling. You need to cyling uphill leh.. tiring!! When we were on downhill, wow.. syok!! So, among two of us will sit in front of the bicyclist. I been sit for once. When the first few minutes I seat, the feel was scary. So, I rather choose to be a bicyclist. We stopped for each location like hanging bridge, dam, Taman Haiwan etc.

On our way back to the bottom of the hill, suddenly raining!! Luckily there got small shops that allow us for away from getting wet. We spent about 10minutes there for eat some bread. All had hungry!! After that, we continue our journey back.

KeanSeng said there got fresh coconut water in the other side. So, we decided to cycle there. Before we started to coconut water, is better we rented for another two bicycle. Now, everyone can have their own bike!! This time the uphill more difficult. Guys got more energy, so they went fast. Yeen and I waited for the new learner, Shan. So, after the guys arrived, we still on our 1/4 way to the destination. After half way to the destination, the guys called us. They said there was no stalls that selling any coconut water and nothing to see. Wow.. luckily we didn't reached yet. We waited for the guys and went back to bottom together.

After we reached the bottom of hill, our mind just Water water Water!! The water that we bring there.. was not enough for us. All had exhausted. The fees for the bicycle rented was totally RM 51. We then back to KL on 5pm.

This trip was good even there was tired and exhausted. All of us now suffering from muscle's painful. Hahaha.. Yesterday, all had slept very early as everyone had tired. A good place to recommend to you all who like outdoor activities.

Ok.. I'm gonna stopped here. Tonight will be my housemate's reunion dinner. Post it by tonight la.. C ya!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shah Alam

Today had went to Taman Pertanian (Bukit Cahaya), Shah Alam. We thought there was difficult to reach but actually not. It was so easy.

We cyling there for about 3 hours. Now, everyone of us tiring but happy. Mm.. I think I will only blog about this trip by tomorrow.

Sleeping to keep more energy for tomorrow!! Hehe.. Wait for my tomorrow's post lo~~

New things

Spending half day for thesis's design, chatting and also laundry. What a hot weather!!! Again, there got people come to see our house. This time are guys. My room just like been looked for many times. A bit untidy. Hahaha..

Later, we went to 1 Utama. We not buying much of things.. just a few things. The decoration in 1 Utama was not bad.. quite nice for the CNY theme. We took some photos there too. On our way for shopping, we saw Tee Khai. He is our schoolmate aka friends during secondary school. Since he went to Australia for study, we all lost contact. Just recently, saw him at friendster. It so surprise that we can met him in 1 Utama. He went there for interview coz he was now fresh graduate. Mmm.. the face not much changing, but more good looking than last time. He seem like had slim down comparing to last time. Mmm.. hopefully he can get a good job la~~

The things I bought today.. I like the necklace. Nice!!

Mmm... want to sleep lor!! Good night, everyone. Tomorrow we will be going to Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Busy but enjoy?

Busy.. Busy.. Busy.. Everybody is busy. The due date for thesis - Design chapter is on next week. Besides that, test also be having on that time. Moreover, CNY is coming!! Wo Hoo!!

Thus everybody are busy for assignment, thesis and test, but we are not forget and left out the multimedia's plan. T-shirt's logo been changed and changed to get a better one. San Fu Sai, Yoke Kit!!

Slogan is thought by our art director - William. Yeah!! We having our own slogan lo.. Our slogan is "You're never alone!!" Cool~~

Because of many of the director-director like Yubi, Fish, Desmond, Louis, Patrick and etc, we can plan and make our dream successfully lar!! Yeah yeah!! YOu all are the best!!
Feel like our coursemate are more close to each other and unity. Good!! We are so different from other's majoring student. But maybe too many works, sometimes we also irritated. But, this is going off so soon!! Tell you secretly, we will be having another trip again oh..!! Wow!! Enjoy enjoy~~ What can I said but is "CAN'T WAIT ~~"

This is the original's new logo..After modifying, this is the latest one.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Forgetful angel

What happen to me?? Forgetful always come after me. This newly semester and year, I always forget something. Let me count for you.

1. Motorcycle's key: In one morning, I was late for class. After I reached faculty, I straight away went to class without the key. Luckily, there got one good person saw it and helped me to hide under my helmet. (I been blog about this)

2. Purse: Last week, I left my purse at Pei Chi there. That day was raining heavily. Besides of getting wet because of rain, I found my purse was lost!! I thought I had left in my faculty (coz I go faculty that day also..) Later, just found out.. at Pei Chi there la!!

3. Jacket: Just happen today. I bring along during Java's class but left in the computer lab. Then, I straight away went to thesis lab. I still not yet realized it until the time when I wanna go back. For you, maybe you will think that "haiya.. just a jacket.. nothing special!!" But, for me, this is special. This is the present that my brother bought for me in US. Somemore, it was Levi's. =P

4. Called my mummy: Never happen for me to forget calling my mummy. But, this time, I forgot twice. What happen???

5. Others: some other's small small things la..

Haiya.. I really lack of so much of memory. It makes me like blur blur. Maybe I should upgrade my "memory card" lor.. hahahaha.. ^^


Hey.. my name is A.N.T.H.E.A. Don't ever forget lo, Ok?? Such a great name leh!! *yeah*

p/s: Louis, don't let the something makes you crazy lo.. HaPpy HaPpy always!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sleepy n HappY

Yesterday sleep so early.. 12am.. maybe for you is late, but for me - The night still Young!! Hahaha...
Plan to sleep on 9pm.. but I scared I will be wake up too early in the next morning.. Then, will be sleepy at noon. So.. 12am just nice!!!

Though yesterday was sleepy but having a happy chatting too!! ^^

Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy~ Happy~

Yeah!! Nice posing!!

Happy Birthday to You.. My dearest ah Jie aka Pei Chi. She is my godsister. We know each other since we first year in university. She was my roomate during in college (hostel). Since then, we were close to each others. Pei Chi is a cute adorable sister and caring to everyone. Good godsister!!

We didn't celebrate with her. Just give her a little present. Surprise.. is a sports panties!! Hehe.. Anyway, she so happy with this present also. Then, we only took photo in faculty. This is the last time she will be having her birthday in faculty. So, must grab this chance lo!!

Jie, sorry that didn't buy any birthday cake for you.
Happy 24th Birthday lo!! Muaaks!!

Me and the birthday girl in computer lab


Yoke Kit really the best la!! She had designed for our Multimedia's T-shirt. Wow.. so nice!! Yoke Kit really is Yoke Kit. GooD!!

This is the one of the design.. Nice, right?? I like this the most!!Nice?? Sure best la!!

Mmm.. Can't wait the T-shirt!! Our multimedia's student, what's the next plan har?? Mmm.. Really no chance to regret to choose this major. Hahaha.. ^^

Took photo

As promised to Suki, we went to MV for buying things. We had done our survey during that Friday (when the time I wanted to buy MayDay's ticket.)

First station, Purple Cane. She went to buy tea leaf as a New Year gift for her boyfriend's parents. The tea leaf was not very expensive. Spend RM 50 for three bottle of tea leaves. I like "pu er" and also "hua jing gui". But I didn't buy. The "pu er" which I bought during mooncake festival still not yet opened. All too busy for a pot of tea..

Then, next station was Maybeline's counter. Today was the last day for all the cosmetics promotion. Mmm.. really.. some of the products got discount.

There were three promotions:

1. Free a bag (Forgot the amount lor..)
2. Bought for RM 100, you be getting one bag with mascara, lip liner and also blusher.
3. Bought for RM 12o.. Besides of the set of bag, you also can get a hair styling, make up and took a photo with one free A4 size photo.

Not only both of us, Yeen also asked us to buy for her. So, everything had bought. So scary.. the amount of our things were RM 109. So the sales girl persuade us to buy one more thing that cost for RM 10+ then we can took photo. After dicussing, we add on one product lo..

But Suki don't want to be the "model".. so I had to be the "model". The first time!! The first time I sit there for hair styling and make up. There so many people walked by. The most pai seh's situation was during photo taking. Coz the photographer will be asking to pose and people will watch you during they walked by. Haha.. There got three style that the photographer took. One is my original shirts, kimono and the last one is just the fur's jacket.

All are 12 photos, but I only can choose one. If want the extra photos, I had to paid money for it. Mmm.. some were not very nice. Coz some photo I like forced to smile (actually is "forced" too.. hahaha..) At last, I had chose one of the Kimono's photo. It only took 5 minutes to print for me. Then, both of us went with satisfy.

Raining.. rainy day ~~


This incident I forgot to post it here. Last week, I saw a Kenari been drew by using marker pen. I think the driver must be very over and the writer also a very bad temper person.

We saw the cover of engin written as shown below:

"Fuckers, next time you park car, don't block others!!!! -Assholes"

Wow, we can see how hot temper of the writer. Maybe is good that he written, if not I think when both of them met, they sure have a fight. Sometimes, the car's owner also not consider other's situation. Don't simply blocked other's car. Just imagine, if you had blocked the car who was having an emergency.. what's will be going on?? Choose to walk if you really cannot find a car park. Or else, be make sure you have other's friends inside your car and waiting for you. If not, you may have the same experience with this car's owner.

So, what kind of driver you want to be?? That's your choice.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


The sun in the afternoon was so shiny and the weather was so hot. Suddenly, the sky started to rain heavily. And the time of raining was on the time where everyone were going to Stadium Merdeka - MayDay's concert.

Just like last year when Jay's concert. The sky also raining heavily. Later, the rain had stopped. Amazingly, today also just like last year. I think the sky want to cool the temperature of the stadium and left a cooling night for them to enjoy MayDay's performance.

And I, must grab this cooling time for a nap la. Haha.. But, didn't sleep well also. Wasted only!! =P

*Note: For Linkin Park's fan, here come their concert soon!! They will be having a tour concert named Fort Minor. The places will be Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and not forget us too, M'sia!! They will be coming on 28 of February 2006 at Bukit Kiara Indoor Venue. If not mistaken, their guest will be 50 Cents. The ticket selling will be announce next week. Yo!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sold out

Suddenly want to go for MayDay's concert. Me and my friend went to Midvalley MyMTV's counter to buy ticket. But unfortunately, the cheapest seat (RM 80) had sold out. The girl in the counter asked me to buy RM 120 ticket. But I don't want. Coz of two reasons: 1. Most of my friends at RM 80 area leh.. 2. RM 120 and RM 80 was in the same distance, just upstairs and downstairs. Mmm.. a bit of disappointed. Maybe I got no fate with MayDay.

Never mind la~~

For who are going to MayDay's concert tomorrow, ENJOY there ya!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Weird kakak

The kakak (the indonesian worker) behind my house is treat us so good for this semester. Dunno why... just will give us snacks secretly. We had stayed for one and half years, but she never do this. Moreover, we never talk to her also. Mmm... why leh??

Mostly is she do it herself. Today, she also give us these snacks secretly.

Both of this snacks also very nice.. but still feeling weird. =P

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fast.. So fast..

So fast, Chinese New Year is coming... and so fast, I had back from Port Dickson for 5days lor. And so fast, Mayday's concert and Cyber Night is coming too. But, both of this events I also didn't go. The most scary is thesis's due date also coming soon.

Everything happen too fast!!!

Just like this morning. I was dreaming in the class. Suddenly, there got one idea appear in my mind. Why not we having a reunion dinner for multimedia coursemate? Or maybe go for "lou sang"??

3hours later, I went for another class-java programming lab. Desmond suddenly said that all had confirmed to have a reunion dinner before Chinese New Year, that's on 23 of January. Location also the same lar.. the place that always got UM's student having events - New Paris. The food there is ok but not very expensive. =)

We spread the news as fast as we could. This dinner get many responds from the others coursemate. Many of them will go. Yo!! Tonight, Louis will be the one that go for booking. I think for about 3 tables.

My friend (from others major) is envious with us. I think the whole faculty, only multimedia's student are so unity. But, this only happen in this semester. Maybe this is the last semester. We should give us more memories in university.

Anyway, there is another busy day for my camera. I bought this camera really on time. Mmm.. next, what will we planning to?? So excited!!!


I always having a lots of plan. But, some will not successfully be done. Before CNY, quickly make a wishes of 2006. Haha.. even is a bit late. But, I also hope those wishes will come true.

In 2006, I wish for:
  1. good results (must gambate!!)
  2. thesis can be done successfully..
  3. lovely and nice sunglasses
  4. new handphone?
  5. a pretty clutch purse
  6. a mascara and lipgloss (on searching..)
  7. maybe a puppy?? (Hope it since younger.. but mummy doesn't allow =P)
  8. lose weight (gambate!!)
  9. overseas trip
  10. great trip with friends
I think I won't be greedy kua.. I didn't list many.. only 10. hahaha.. So how many gonna come true? Opps.. also wishes that everyone who I know..

Healthy and Happy Always!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

PD+Melaka's photo

Hehe.. here is some of the photos. I only picked some, too many photos.

The 4 cars that get along to PD and Melaka.

This is the scenery where we took at the Resort (forgot the name).

Let's the game begin.. who will be the one?? Hehe..

1.. 2.. 3.. Kick!! I like this photo. All are so happy!! But Siew Lan had lost!!! aiya..

Mmm.. I took this photo secretly. So funny, right? I was wondering what are they doing over there.. Hahaha..

1..2.. 3... JuMp!! We are so HapPy!!

Father:"All must follow me.. must quickly away from human... They are so scary!!"
Children:"Yes, sir!!"

So nice isn't? Yup.. we are multimedia's student!!

View of Jonkers Road. What was Patrick(guy with white shirt) looking at?

Along the Jonkers Road, there got a lots of this kind of building - historical building.

This is Geographic Cafe which been used to took film. Located in the Jonkers Road also.

This is Dinasour's Egg QQ Ice.

If you haven't see my PD and Melaka trip's story, can have a look here. =P

Happy Trip~ When will have it again?? Can't wait till the next trip.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kuching (Day 3)

Yaya.. I know I know.. I had stopped the story since last year. I'm not a good blogger then. =P

~ Day 3 (26/11/05) ~

We went to:

1. Crocodile Farm

After having our lunch, we went to this farm. It's quite far from town, i think was on 17 miles. We almost lost there. The government didn't give any clear direction to this destination. Moreover, every car must went through a small path fulled of small tones then will only reached. The crocodile farm is called Jong's Crocodile Farm. Not much visitors visited this farm. The tickets were RM 8 for each adult, RM 5 for children. Except of crocodiles, there still had peguin pig, peacock, bear etc. The weather was hot and stuffy. There were many crocodiles inside, from younger till the very old crocodile. Besides that, I think the most pitty was there got one crocrodile without tail. Is a bit weird... the crocodile still alive!!

The crocodile show time was on 3pm. When the workers ready to feed the crocodile, we all waited to see the great show. But dunno the weather was too hot or the crocodiles were too lazy, they present not much active like the crocodiles in Thailand. As usual, the worker tied the meat on the rope and move it to center of the pool. We waited for about 30 minutes until finally one of those crocodile saw the meat. The way it jump.. wow!! The one was the winner!! Hahaha..

As we on our way to exit this farm, suddenly one peacock was too happy and open his fanlike back feathers. Wow.. so nice!!! I think we were so lucky. Before the exit, there got one shop that sold souvenirs like T-shirt, foods, tuak (orang asli's wine) and even the product of crocodile. All those crocodile's product like purse, belt and even crocodile meat and oil. None of us bought those.

2. Semanggol Wildlife Centre

On the way back, we went to Semanggol Wildlife Centre. Agnes never been there, so we all went for a try. We went for more than one hours also can't saw the centre. Along the road, there were only a few houses and not much cars passed by. At last, we decided to ask for direction. The Orang Asli said :"sudah terlepas jauh.. itu kat sana lagi!!" We followed the direction he pointed to, we had passed the road before. Aiya.. that's mean we have to U-turn back. Just a wrong turn in the T-junction, we had drove for so long in the wrong direction. But, we also reached Semanggol Wildlife Centre also. Unfortunately, the centre had closed as the time was 5pm. We spending much of our time in finding the centre.

3. Waterfront (again..)

In the night, Agnes want to bring us for musical water in Waterfront. She said it start on 9pm. But we had late because of the seafood stall (write it later..) A bit of disappointed la. So, we changed our plan and have a walk along the riverbank (it's like Gurney Drive). Along the road, there had small stalls that sold souvenirs and also got Malay artists drawing portrait. According to the seller there, they said the musical water had stopped a few months ago. I think Agnes that time sure must be in KL, if not how come she don't know. Never mind la.. keep on the story. The malay artists were very talent. Every person that they drew was very similiar with the real person. One person costs RM 40 for one black and white portrait. Really nice. We all only bought some souviners.

Oh ya.. we can watch the beautiful Astana (palace) and Fort Megherita. Moreover, the river also very nice. This place was not only suitable for people for jalan-jalan, but also suitable for the couples to phat thor here. Hungry or thirsty? Don't worry, you can buy any food or drinks along the riverbank. Besides, if you wanna sit down and enjoying your snack or dinner also can. We stopped for "Teh Si Peng" again in the Malay stalls. Today was like "Teh Si Peng's day". Haha..

We ate:

1. Qing Mian (Green Mee)

In the morning, we ate this mee. The mee was green in colour. Don't worry, that mee was not coloured but was including spinach inside the ingrediant. That's why the mee looks green. The taste like wantan mee but this is much delicious. Tasty!!

2. Teh Si Peng ("San Se Nai Cha")

This kind of drink was really famous in Kuching. On our way back from Semanggol Wildlife Centre, we stopped in 7 miles to find this famous drinks. We asked many shoppers for the right direction. This famous drink was located in one kopitiam (I had forgot what's the kopitiam's name.) As we walked inside the kopitiam, I hardly can't see this famous drink. Because as I know, this drink got 3 colours. After we ordered, we were so happy. Finally, we found it!! The drink got 3 layers. The bottom layer was gula melaka and the center layer was milk (but my friend said is santan.. dunno?!) Next, the last layer was Teh Peng. After mixed it, it was exactly same with Teh Peng. But the taste was more delicious because of gula melaka. No wonder, I can't found any special drinks but only Teh Peng. Teh Si Peng = Teh Peng. Comparing to the one we drink in WaterFront, this kopitiam's Teh Si Peng more nicer.

3. Ah Seng ABC Seafood

Near to waterfront, there got about 10 stalls that sold seafood. Agnes said only Ah Seng ABC Seafood was the best. We having our dinner there. Maybe that day was weekdays, so crowded. We ordered fried oyster, veggies and also prawn. Delicious!! But we waited so long there. Too many people. That's why we late for the musical water (Luckily, it had closed for few months ago.)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Port Dickson+Melaka

I like to travel.. and this time I had go to the place that I like most, beaches. Yeah!! We went there by four cars, 19 peoples including me.

We all gathered before we departured together. On the way going to Port Dickson, we all very happy especially our car. I followed my friend's car where all were girls. I think we were the most noisy car among all. Hahaha.. too happy I think.

Actually none of us know the road in PD and moreover there's no one really know in PD. Undeniable, guys will be better in recognizing roads. So, three of the girls' car follow the guys' car. I thought we were not going to stayed at beach for whole day. Therefore, I didn't bring any extra clothes but only a sunblock. (I also dunno why I never thought to bring it together also. Hahaha..) Never mind, I straight away went to the shopping complex there to buy a shorts. Nice!! Really suitable to go for beaches. Ya, I'm ready for that!! (They finding places for lunch in the shopping complex.. and I only spent bout a few minutes to complete my "task".. Hehe..)

We had our lunch at KFC. The KFC was like been booked by us.. coz no one having lunch there except us. Luckily, there was others coming next.. if not, I will be wondering how the KFC survived. (Think too much again.. hahaha..) Next station, my favourite place: Beaches!!!

We all had changed to beach's look and ready to go!! Yeah yeah!! Moreover, there was a cloudy day!! Though all of us were coursemate, but some of us were not really know each other. Before that, a small introduction will be held before any games started. Next, the real games had started.

The game was like "chor tai ti". The cards will be give to each person one card. Then, all together will put the card in the forehead so that you couldn't see the card except others. Then, they will bet who is the smallest number by pouring the sea's water to a bucket. Next, everyone will show their cards and who is the smallest number will be get poured by the bucket of water. As the "tai ti" rules, the largest suites will be club, then following by hearts, spades, then diamonds. Among all the suites, the largest is 2 of club.

I played for the first game. Unfortunately, I'm the smallest number. As I didn't bring any extra clothes, my friend-Yoke Kit had replace me to get the punishment - a half bucket of sea's water. Then, I didn't play any games that will related to water. =P Just a bit too bad.. had cause my friend wet. But at last, they think this punishment was too slow. So, they decided who is the last three person that get the smallest number will be getting punishment. REally.. everyone was wet after that. Hehe.. But me, I'm still dry and I'm having a chance to pour people secretly while the others get the punishment. Hehe..

Later, was playing water time!! I didn't played much. I walked down to the sea with my friends. Mmm... the water level wasn't high. We walked about 500m from seaside (I think so) and the water level only reached my waist. Last time, I heard my friend said that the beaches were polluted. But today, I can see my feet in the water and the sand under the water. Not bad ya!! I think comparing to Penang's beaches, PD was cleaner. (Embarrassing.. =P but I still love Penang la.. sayang!!)

In the evening, the tide departured and all the small small crabs come out. They will make a hole in the sand and hide inside. So cute!! After took a lots of photo, we all took a bath in the nearly public bathroom. Wow.. is was so cooling after taking a bath!!

Mmm.. the time was still so early. It was only 4pm. After discussion, we decided to go Melaka and Pei Sze (in her hometown, Melaka) will be the tour guide there. On the way going Melaka, I had tired lor.. didn't talk much and take rest. Raining day.

We reached Melaka was about 5+pm and met with Pei Sze. She brought us to Portal Satay for satay celup. This is my first time to have this famous food in Melaka. Some people might said this was so delicious, but for me, I will not love it lor.. I more prefer "lok lok" (A kind of food that similiar with satay celup, but the food "celup" in the soup and eat with the special sauce.) After that, we took photo at Christ Church Melaka there. All the activities became slowing down as everyone was tiring. Next, we went to Jonkers Road. There was like the night market in Petaling Street. We also walked pass the Geographic cafe that been used for film shot. The film was "xia ri de mo mo cha" (I forgot how to call this film in English lor) that starring by Richie Ren and Sammi.

The last station was the AMo Te cafe. This cafe was like a normal kopitiam but with lots of dessert and books. The books were free to read. I think the cafe should design a little bit more to get more comfortable and fashion to attract more customers. It not that the cafe got no business, but cannot attract the people who not staying in Melaka. We only know that place and going in because of recommendation of Pei Sze. Mostly all of us ordered the different desserts. I had ordered one dessert called Dinasour Eggs QQ Ice. Cutie, right?? It's like the ice kacang but it decorated like the dinasour eggs. They decorated with Honeydew, watermelon and logan. Below the ice, there got peanuts and jellies. It looks cute and the name was so cute!! I like the name!! But, I not very like the taste of the ice.. not suitable for me.

We go back to KL about 10pm and there was raining heavily. The earliest arrive team was the guy's team. I think Patrick was speeding.. normally guys will speeding. =P Next team was Yee Leng or Pei Yee. Yoke Kit's team was the latest arrived to PJ. She was the last person arrived home as she need to drop us at PJ first then only go back to Seri Kembangan.

I arrived about 1.45am. When I wanted entered my house, I found out that my housemate had accidentally locked the glass door. OMG!!! My handphone was no battery that time and the only way to awake them was bang the glass door. I shouted but no one can hear me. I think there was somebody that haven't sleep coz I can see there was lights upstairs. I used the only few of handphone's battery to call my roomate. I think it only called for 10seconds, it had shut down. Don't tell me that I need to stay outside for a cold night. So pitty meh?!
I still trying to call them wake up. So pai seh that I need to wake them up. But, what to do.. After a few minutes, Suki with her small pillow was came down to save me!!! They said they didn't hear my voice, but only hear someone was banging the door. They were scared coz they thought I'm not coming back for sleep. They thought is thief or stranger. I really sorry that I had make them get shocked. Sorry..!! Maybe I was too tired to shout anymore. Luckily.. luckily..
I only slept on 3am. wow.. really a good night sleep!! It's really a sweet memory for me.. If I didn't go for this trip, I won't gain one sweet memory. But i'm getting darker after exposed under the sun. Now, my skin got two different colour. So bad.. there had the spaghetti top's mark in my body. But was really fun for me!!
Mmm.. if there any chances for me to go travel again, must count me. I'm willing to go travel.. Hehehe..
Today is Desmond's birthday. Happy Birthday!!
*note: photo will be upload when I gather all the photo. ^_^

Friday, January 06, 2006

Weird thief

Last few nights, my housemates were so bad luck. We normally hang our clothes in the line where there still in house area for drying. That night, the clothes can't dried. So, they hang them outside for dry. Unfortunately, when the next day morning, they found out some of the clothes had lost.
The guy's housemate had lost his two pants and two shirt. Then, there got two girl's housemate lost their towel. The thief stole the clothes.. then I will think that was normal. But, how come the thief GREEDY until TOWEL also wanna stole? Because he got no towel to use? Somemore, the towel was belong to girls... So weird..
My guy's housemate was "kena" last year also. He and others guy's housemate kena stolen Nike sport shoes. I still can remember that day our friend come from Penang to visit us. Just that night, his shoes and two housemate's shoes kena stolen liao.
Pitty la.. the guy's housemate.. coz last time got stolen two nike branded shoes, now, stolen so many clothes. Among of the stolen clothes, one is Radioactive shirt that we bought for him as birthday present on last year. So bad...
Anyway, now all are more becareful lor.. !! I wanna go to Port Dickson tomorrow morning, wanna sleep lo.. ciaoz...

Monday, January 02, 2006

A whole new year 2006

It's like since a long time I didn't blog here. I was sick during this few days. I went back to lovely Penang on last Thursday.

Though it was Thursday, but there got many people in Pudu Raya. Me and my friend failed to buy 5.30pm bus, so we bought 6.30pm. Because we had reached there about 5pm, so we waited for about one and half hours. Waited, waited and waited.. At last, the time reached 6.30pm. But the bus was not in the platform yet. In the end, we waited until 7pm. The 6.30pm bus and 7.30pm bus departured at the same time. So tiring la.. waited for so long in the stuffy Pudu Raya. The driver drove so fast. Along the way back, he almost took over every car in the highway.

Don't know the bus reached at what destination, I started feeling unwell. It make me sick and couldn't sleep. So, I had struggled for about 2hours in the bus. At last, the bus had reached Juru toll in 3hours. (So fast.. right?) Normally, I will stopped at Juru toll there and waited for my brother to fetch me home. Unfortunately, my brother was on OT that night. So, I waited there for him who rushed from Kulim, Kedah with my friend. (He worked in Kulim High-Tech Park)

A few minutes later, I had threw up. I think it was so embarrassing. I took buses for so many times, but never met such of situation. But, I felt better then. I thought everything will be ok then. My brother was reached to fetch me after a while. Just reached my lovely home, again.. felt sick. I was dizzy and wanna threw up again. I even can't eat anything. My mummy let me drink some warm water as I was cold. And then, I fall asleep.

For about 2am, I woke up and felt weak. I decided to get a hot water for bath and slept. The nightmare still didn't passed.. I threw up again!!! This time, it was a hard time for me.. I more weak. I bath in weakness and slept. In the next day morning, the situation was a bit better but it still influenced my appetite. I didn't go for doctor as I hate to eat medicine. At last, I also need to go for doctor coz I also got flu then. Again, medicine!! I think maybe I ate the wrong food while in Pudu Raya or maybe my stomach's problem.

In the New Year eve, I didn't go for any party or countdown. I only stayed in my home and enjoying the TV. The reason is I still weak and not yet recover. I watched the fireworks in my home as the rich people in my house area had burned some fireworks. So nice!!

I'm now in KL again. Will be begin my new life in this new year!! Best Wishes for you in this New Year!!