Thursday, March 30, 2006


Went to California Fitness in Midvalley. Feel good!!~~ There got many facilities that we can used it. Kit and me went there for the first time.

After a great gym, we went to steamed room and also sauna. Good~~ *thumbs up* Bring back our beautiful skin.. ^^ There got providing two towels for us. One small towels and another one is bath towels. Moreover, there also providing body shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, tissue, hair dryer, hair gel, hand lotion and etc.

Good environment for gym. There got TV and also pop songs. I like it. There also got outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Somemore they are also so sweet, they provided female only gym area just for female.

Is for sure, they also providing locker. But every member must bring their own padlock to lock. I think this will ensure the member's things are safety and keep for their own risk. Maybe they wanna avoid the staffs inside the fitness centre will duplicate for the locker key if they did provide a locker with lock. So now, the member using their own padlock, there are more hard to get stolen. I think this is what they think about la..

Hmm.. Gym gym.. I like it!! When will be the next gym leh??


VIRUS.. VIRUS.. VIRUS.. Get shocked while accidentally know my laptop facing a virus attack!! Scared that my thesis work is effected and all "DIE"!!

I heard my friend said last time been a senior facing such of problems and the pendrive also effected. So, he/she need to extend the study because all the hard work were spoiled because of the cruel virus.

After a virus scanning, there are 11 files are effected. As the result show, the virus is a worm named "Worm/Generic. LC". Luckily the anti-virus system had deleted it automatically. Hope that my dear laptop are fully clean now.

I must not get any troubles in this critical time!! So, virus.. don't come close to me!!! Don't ever!!!!

Anyway, Cheng Beng is just around the corner. Everyone should will be going to graveyard for praying. I'm not going because I'm having viva on next week ar.. I think my nenek moyang will be forgive me de.. Hehehehe...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


From the last post, I already almost one week didn't blog here. A bit forgot what I had post for the last post.

Exam really can make people crazy.. luckily this time had already over. Another crazy time for me now is thesis. Actually my thesis is almost finished, but after the previva of my supervisor, he think I should model more 3D model. So, another hard work is waiting for me.

Somemore, the VRML coding also make me crazy. I was wondering what should I insert to the system so that the system can look more functionality. BIG head!!! But.. but.. too much of functionality, then will be the children feel too complicated or not. Oh.. yaya... I'm doing the title that is develop a learning system for the children.

After relaxing from the stressful exam, many of my friends envious of me. Coz they just wanna start their final exam while me .. can relax there though I'm having THESIS!!!

Since Saturday, I think many cars seem like wanna hit me on the road. Is me careless or the bad luck is coming towards to me?? Hope not so. Make me afraid to go out. Having a bad feeling - scared. Does my heart getting weak?? Easily to get shock and scared. What happen to me??? Hope to "get well" soon~

Countdown.. countdown...

Viva: 9 days..
Tioman: 11 days...
Home sweet Home: 15 days...

Good luck to everyone who having viva~ all the best, friends!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Suffering time soon will be gone. Four final exam, I already gone through 2 papers. Tomorrow will be having 1 paper and 1 previva. Then, the last day of exam will be on Saturday.

Haiz.. at last the day wanna pass away from my life. Good luck to you all who having viva or previva for thesis.

Yesterday evening was raining heavily. Shan and I wanna went to Cold Storage in seksyen 14 for some grocery. But the roundabout which near Sin Chew Jit Poh there get stucked. All the cars cannot moved at all. Both of us get shocked.

Then we using another road to reach seksyen 14. But on our way back, I think is about 8pm. The road towards the roundabout still stuck and the cars were jammed. We been also suffer in the traffic jam (another roads) for about 45 minutes. Gosh!!!~ But is count lucky if compare to the cars who stuck in the way to roundabout.

The reason of the jam is unknown. We called it deadlock (a name specification in networking). Hahaha~~ Spending so much time in the car for no reason. If I got time, I should ride a motorbike and ask for the driver to take any order for foods or drinks. Should be can earn some pocket money kua.. Hahahaha.. Just a joke la.. I sure won't do so.

Ok.. wanna prepare for my tomorrow's exam. Ciaoz..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Library incident

Didn't blog so many days. In this few days, I keep on doing my thesis. Very tension after know many of my coursemate had finished. Moreover, 4 paper of final exam will be held next week. Not yet well prepare. TENSION!!

But, today also need to blog a small incident here. Because of fate, I had helped one blind master student from Iraq (he study in counselling course) to library's computer lab. The first time, this is my first experience. I so scared that he will fall down. Luckily, he is Ok along the way. (Just a short way from car park to library's computer lab).

Actually I rushed to go back that time (as my friend had wait me in her car), but I met him at the car park. He asked my help to bring he there. His friend.. Haiz.. just drop him, then go away liao. What kind of friend la~~ Although I rushed, but see he is blind.. I mar help lor~~

But after reached the computer lab, he asked me to back to the hostel together... I think maybe he thought I drive there. But that time I already get shocked. I told him that my friend had wait me outside. He persuade me that I can do my things first, and asked whether i can come back after 1 or 2 hours. I lagi get shocked. Don't know why... the only feeling I got is scared. Don't ask me why. I told him that I got assignment to rush tonight and say sorry to him politely.

Luckily he also didn't force me or what. Phew.. But that time really got to go, my friend still need to rush for her class. Sorry for that. Anyhow, I count that do a good things today though I'm a bit scared.

Monday, March 13, 2006


哭泣.. 是一个诞生的开始.. 也是生命结束的时候..

在成长的过程当中, 当然难免会有哭泣的时候. 在婴儿时期, 大家都用哭来表达自己的情绪或感觉.在小孩时期,被爸妈责备, 都可能会哭. 再来就是被朋友欺负啊.. 跌到啊.. 成绩考得不好..等都是一些比较淡淡而童真的感觉.

人长大之后, 难免会有更多的烦恼与抉择. 很多事情都必需要自己学会去面对, 自己去解决. 在某些时候, 我们都无法随着自己感觉来做决定. 很多事情我们都必需经过来让自己成长, 让自己学更多更好的人生哲学. 当这一切一切都无法承受的时候, 一切都会爆发.

不 同的人, 就有不同的方式来让自己重新站起来. 而哭就是另一种方式. 当你想哭的时候, 千万别憋着不哭. 虽然很多人都认为哭是帮不上什么忙, 是一种懦弱的形象.但我却认为哭却是一种解放. 可能你会觉得长得这么大了还哭, 很丢脸. 但哭出来之后, 眼泪就象清水如此, 把眼睛擦亮. 它让我们成长, 让我们更坚强, 更能让自己认清方向.

并不是要变成大哭包, 每一样小事都得大哭一场. 当然, 在适当的时候, 如果想哭, 就哭吧! 要记得一切都要在眼泪擦拭后, 变得美好. 一切的人生挫折都当成是一种人生经验. 自己是坚强的, 苦后将会是甜的.

在雨后的天空, 一定会有美丽的彩虹. 要学会自己跌到, 自己爬. 你一定能做到, 相信自己, 一定能..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sorry for what?!!

The person who taken the photo of the cruel's incident had appear in public and said that he would be responsible for all those disgusting behaviour. He said he regret that he make a movie clip and also taken the photo without any human sense just because of MONEY!!

From the report, the main "actress" in the movie clip is a nurse while the photographer is a worker who work in tv station. Because of money, they dare to become a evil and lost their soul. But in China (this incident happen in China), there still didn't have any law that against animal's abuse. So, this incident is only related to moral issue and not law. That's why they dare to make such of disgusting movie. They no need to get the law punishment. Sh*t!! I think now everything also useless. For my opinion, they apologize because the incident get many attention in the whole world and all the people criticize them. Now, the pitty victims had already die. Sorry also can't heal the animals. This accusation will be always on them.. forever.

There are more information in this link.

p/s: Thanks to redrabit's friend - Teng Teng. I notice the link while I leaving a comment in redrabit's blog.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cruel and Crazy Woman

As I surf for others blogger's blog, I accidentally saw a blog about a crazy woman in China. She really a cruel and crazy. She wear a very fashion dresses and also a fashion heels.

At the first two photo, she was holding a little kitten. Everyone must be think that she care and love for the little kitten. Actually not!! She put the little kitten on the floor and killed the cat. The way she killed was very cruel. She killed the cat by using her heels and stepped on the kitten till it die. I just don't dare to describe the details on how she killed, coz the every steps she take was so terrible disgusting!! Not only the little kitten be the pitty victim, but rabbit and doggie also become the victims.

After I saw the link, I nearly vomit. I really feel I scared.. I cry coz my feeling are complicated.. Don't know how to express my feeling. WHY?!!! The woman crazy till like that.. somemore after she killed, she feels satisfy of what she done. Now, I still cannot calm down.

If you wanna see the photo, make sure you have already get ready for this. Because the photo may let you feel uneasy. Get ready?? Click here.

p/s: Thanks to redrabit's blog. I saw the incident from his blog.


Thesis viva: one week to go..
Final exam: one week to go..

ater this critical and suffering time, there the fun time for all of us!!

Tioman trip: 29 days to go...
Home sweet home: about one month plus 2 or 3 days to go..

So excited!!!

Anyway, by this week, I think I won't be blogging so much here. Critical time~

Hope everyone take care lo!! See you all after my final exam. Ciaoz~

Friday, March 10, 2006


There are lots of people that been or still a friends of you. In more than million people in this world, is not easy to let all the human meet together and even know each other.

You can't stopped one person to hate you.. You can't stopped one person to like you.. You are you. Just do what you suppose to do.. accept the good advice, throw away the bad advice. Some of them will be betrayed you.. Some of them are selfish.. Some of them are show off... No matter what kind of people around you, you must learn to strong. You must learn how to protect yourself.

This is the real world of human being. Sometimes, you must adjust yourself to fit in the world. You have to change. That's why sometimes, you may will change to a person who you also don't recognize. Maybe you lost yourself.. lost your soul..

Sometimes, I feel that why the world just like fulled of people who wearing a mask. Being a human, we always need to beware of everyone everyday?? This is how we going through our life? Fighting each other?? Comparing to each other?? Why this won't stop??

Human really a complicated creature in the world. Too complicated sometimes...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Martial Art Night

Yesterday, I went to Martial Art night with friend. Not that free to watch.. Not that interested to go.. But have promised my friend, sure I go. ^^ This Martial Art night is organize by Taekwondo Club of UM. As said.. is martial art night, so the shows all are related to art of defences. Moreover, this also a charity night where they will be donate to orphan's house. That's why you can see a group of orphan presenting on the stage.

Here is the end of show~~


Blogging.. is a way of release all the feelings inside your heart. No matter anger, happy, feeling blue , sad or even the crazy moment.. you also can free to leave it your blog and share with every reader.

No matter how many reader read your blog, or even no readers.. No matter what language you using.. No matter how long or how short is your blog.. No matter there's having comment or not.. No matter what is your title or the content for the blog.. I think a blog is a place for sharing, a place to keep memory, keep the feeling of the day.

Another way to let your friends or readers to know about you.. to know better of you.. to know the feeling today.. to know how is your day.. to happy with you.. to sad with you.. to share the every moments that you been through.

Maybe you won't agree with me. But, that's the reason why I like to blog..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Last night the internet connection was unstable. Haiz.. That's why I can't blog. Always is like that, raining will cause the connection crazy.

Yesterday was Monday. I'm having two classes in the morning. But as told you, my class in 9am already cancel. Remember the presentation? Now had extend to Wednesday. That's fine for me. But the last class of the day at 12pm.. also cancel. Don't know what's the purpose of going to faculty.

Planned to continue my java's project and having discussion. But at last also failed. Both of us had followed the rest of the coursemates to KFC. We just having drinks while they having their lunch. 13 of us went to the KFC. The restaurant become very noisy.. Haha.. coz we having a discussion on the trip to tioman. From tioman, we later talk about games la.. accident la.. friend's relationship la.. foods la.. haiya.. so much of topics. That's why we sat there for 3+hours. We stayed for the longest customer, watching every customer who come in and having foods and leave. The day had passed so fast.

My friend said our multimedia's course are too easy. We just like no stressful for thesis and even for work hunting. Not like her course, everyone are tension and keep on talking about work or thesis. I want to make it clear here. We are not like others think that we are so free.. also not that we are not tension at all. But just we like to release ourselves from tension sometimes.. we like to chat together.. sharing own experience.. sharing every information.. haha.. Having a great laugh while talking on something funny. This is also a way to release the stressful life. We planned for the trip because everybody are appreciate the relationships and wish to have more memory together.

Soon, everyone have to chase their own dreams and the journey of life will not be the same. Maybe some will still on contact.. but some will not. Truly, friends are like the guest of your journey. Some of them may let you hate them or angry them, some may let you having sweet memory, some may become your good friends. No matter how they treat you, at least they make your life more colorful with anger, happy or sad. Just like a plain bread with strawberry jam, kaya, butter etc will be more delicious than just a plain bread.

That's why we keep on having activities.. just a gathering for lunch also a chance to get us know more each others. We care for the friendship.. we keep for the friendship..........

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bad luck?

I'm having such of bad luck? Wake up late today. I thought today still in Sunday morning. I forgot that I'm having a presentation. Luckily, I still can suddenly remember what is the day. Ok, that's fine. I still can rush for the class. After I had arrived, I walk very fast to the class. On my way, I saw my coursemate and they told me the BAD news. The class is cancel!!! OMG!! Haiz.. what to do.. so, the presentation will be having on this Wednesday. (maybe a GooD news also??) Decided to stay at faculty's computer lab for java project. As I needed to find some information through internet, the network was SOOoooooooo down. Some of the browser can't even browse. Terrible. I had changed for three labs. At last, the multimedia's lab having the good connection to internet. GOOD!! but, there didn't have Java program. Haiz....
Yesterday went to 1 Utama with friends. There really "people mountain people sea" (it means very crowded). Because the indoor parking had fulled, we forced to park our car at outdoor. DAmN!! The weather was so hot and there's no cover for us!!! But what to do ler.. Anyway, since now is March, so many shops are having a BIG sales. That's why almost every shops that having slaes also crowded with people.
Besides of sales and promotions, there also having a Formula 1 shows. A cool F1's car and pretty girls. Wow..~~ Next, we saw the myFM crew. As we wanna grab the chance to win the voucher, the contest had ended. But the we still having a free Iced Lemon Tea and Excel isotonic drink. Girls always can walk for shopping for a long time. We spend for 4 hours there. Walked until we exhausted. Haiz..
Mmm.. I think I better stop here for continue my assignment. Ciaoz..~~~

Friday, March 03, 2006

Tidy up

Messy.. too messy.. Must keep my things. Make sure all the notes had printed.. all the notes had arrange according to chapter and distribute to different folder. Throw any unused things. Keep it newly look, clean and tiday.

Not only physically tidy for my room, but also tidy for my heart, my feeling, my mood. This month should be my critical month. But don't know I still didn't having much of mood for this. Why am I suddenly just like give up?? Or I busy with others assignment until I abondon my thesis?? Haiz.. Feel guilty.

Final exam is coming... Thesis viva is coming.. Going crazy!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

100th posting

Wowowow..... This is my 100th posted blog. I know you may think "Cheh.. what be so happy.. I more than you lar.." But, this is my 100th post leh.. I'm happy!!

From the 1st day of my blogging, I did change some style of writing. Did I?? =P I hope to do it more better. At least more beautiful.. at least more photo.. at least to have more reader.. Haha.. (Too greedy to get everything perfect!!) I will gambate yo!!

Since I'm so happy.. I also wanna share one of my collection - Totoro. Haha.. Did you all watch "My Neighbour Totoro" (となりのトトロ)? The cartoon which the director was Hayao Miyazaki. I like the character since I watch this cartoon. Not only totoro, I like all the cartoon that director by Hayao Miyazaki. You can get more information of Totoro and other Hayao Miyazaki's cartoon here.


My collection of Totoro.. Got bedroom slippers, bag, CD holder, key chain etc.

My latest collection. Another character in the cartoon, Cat Bus.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I received one forwarded email from my friend. Inside there having a cutie pendrive. Nowdays, the pendrive are design not just for convenient to carry, but design in a creative way. Maybe there too many brand to let the consumer to choose from, that's why they have to think a creative way to attract more people to buy it. Here I would like to share those picture with you all. Isn't they cute? Isn't they looks yummy?? Beware of your saliva lor.. Hehe..

I like the 1st one.. with the evil's wing and tail.. nyek nyek nyek..

Hello.. little cutie duck!!

Transparent duck that can lights in the dark. Cool~

Morning.. may I have my dim sum??

It looks like real, right?? Yum yum..

Wah.. sushi destu.. There got Ebikko, Ebi, Ikura, Kappa Maki.. and my favourite Sake!!

Tempura.. Ebi Tempura.

1st of March

Now is 12.29am. Among many people in this country, some had already sleep and having sweet dreams, some haven't. Today is 1st of March.

So fast.. is already March. It means that our calendar have to turn page. It also means that the time goes by so fast. It means that everyone is gonna graduate. It means that my dearest friends gonna leave me and having their own journey very soon. It also means that my final exam and thesis viva are coming soon too.

I hope for the time will turn back. I hope that the time will stopped. I hope that the time going more slowly. Worried, tension.. and much more feeling all mixed up. Hardly to believe how extremetly fast the time goes by. Haiz..

I think I'll stopped here for today. Feeling not well, I think better I have a rest. Good luck for those who will be having an interview by tomorrow. Ciaoz..