Sunday, October 30, 2005

Home again.. Hehe..

Again..for 3 days I didn't blog here. Since I'm not working, I had back to Penang in my study
week.. (actually is want to enjoy the days at home.. public holiday soon mar... hahaha)
I had planned to finish my thesis report by this week. But seem like was not working at all.


Wednesday - Shopping and celebrate the big day!!
Thursday - prepared for going back to my sweet sweet home.
Friday - Going out with my mummy.
Saturday - Sent my brother to airport, having a nice nap, attend my teacher's son kindergarten graduation, then yamcha.

Really didn't touch anything on my studies also. Mmm.. cannot.. must try to reduce the activities. =P

So fast.. my big day had over. Although there were no parties, but I really happy that day and
thanks for all of your wishes. Love you all, muaaaaaaaks!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Touching.. then Angry..

So touching this morning.. My dad had called me not to continue this work anymore. He scared I get cheated by people. Dad.. I know you love me so much, scared I get hurt or get cheated. But I really want to see the real world outside there. I must learn it and experience it myself. I know I'm still a child in your heart, always let you all worried about me.. But, sometimes I really need to learn to independant. Dad, mummy and also big brother... Love you all always!!

Today our team didn't get any sell. The more importantly, I work so hard but get the blame from the agent, Mr. S. He really is a Sh*t human that I ever saw. He is a two headed snake. I really angry coz he had complain about me and my friends from behind. And I'm more angry is he telling a lie to big boss.. really a extremely cunning people!!

NO more WORK for the rest of the days!! You go to get the sales by yourself la!! Hoping you can get a "GREAT" sales ar!!!!!!

Now, I may get angry.. I may get disappointed.. but I feel lucky coz I no need to work for such cunning people!! I had learn one more the real world's experience in my life. I need to be happy or need to angry or need to feel pitty? I also don't know..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

First day to work~

From the recommendation from my friend, I got a promoter job. Actually I never been as a promoter.. hahaha.. so this is the first time I doing this type of part time job.

The salary is RM 80 per day and work for 4hrs. Unfortunately, we were not lucky as the other promoter who only promote their products in mall. I had to go for station to station to promote the products. Wow~ is really a tired job.

This is my first day of working. I only successfully sold totally 4 products for tonight. haih~ really bad result la.. =P Still got 9 days to go... tired!! Anyway, must happy also la.. because this is the first time i work in KL for a part time job.. earn money for myself. Don't forget.. Happy Go Lucky!! hahaha...

After I became a promoter, I really can feel how hard to earn money. But I feel happy coz I'm learning to grow up and more indepandent by working. Although I been rejected by customers, but I won't feel disappointed. But only angry with the customers who fooling us. E.g, sometimes they already don't want to buy, but they pretend want to buy it and ask u so much of question - just like treat you as a fool. *angry* Really pitty with the promoter who work so hard but being fooled by the customer. Haih~ really a hard work lo!! Only who being work as this job will feel the feeling... So, next time when you meet a promoter, please rejected them politely and don't fooled them. Because they also human and just only want to earn some extra money, it is unfair to treat them like that. Am I right??

Hmm... getting TIRED already!! Wanna sleep now.. ciaoz!! Will "report" my working progress by tomorrow nite!! hahaha... Good nitez!!

p/s: for someone who going back by today, take care lo!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Sad news

Today, there got one sad headlines of Malaysia in the newspaper. The Prime Minister's wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood died at 7.55 am today at the Prime Minister's official residence in Putrajaya after fighting a long battle with cancer. Reflecting the atmosphere of grief and sorrow, the weather in the KL also greeted the day with gloom. Raining whole day.. I only knew this news on 10am and told by my friends. May she rest in peace... God bless her.

Because of the rainy day, I was late for my test today. I was late bout 10mins. wow.. luckily the lecturer didn't say anything.. Hehe... At last, my test was over safety lor!! I'm got back my puppet which I told you all last time. The puppet which had spent for 3 days to finish. I will upload the photo of my completed puppet once I take the photo.

Today.. there was someone who feeling so down wor. I was get shocked and not usual with the feel.. feeling so down. I can feel strongly. Hehe... However, I'm happy to hear that the someone is getting better!! That's you mar!! Cheers up always.. There always me there for you!! ^_^

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Viva is over..Yeah~

Yeah!! At last I can more relax as my thesis viva had over..!! This morning, I really nervous when I'm waiting for my turn. I waited until 10.35am. The feeling waiting was not so good. My heart beated fast while waiting. When the time moderator called my name, my heart like "dub...dub.. dub.." and then stopped!! =P
Because was lack of time, I only presented a few of my presentation slide. Lastly, the time to present my prototype...the most important character needed to be present.. though it was ugly...hahahaha...
Then, the lecturer started to ask about my project's concept, literature review and also problems overcome. Actually I'm not very well prepared, but I still tried to answer the question with confidence. *phew* Luckily the both lecturer didn't treat me bad.. They didn't ask me to show the ways for using the tools... hahaha...
After finishing my viva, I really relax. I wanted to treat myself good.. Hehe... So, again... I'm took a nap after taking shower. Wow.. Today was a good day for having a nap.. Rainny day!! Sleeping without any stress and time limitation, really "syok"!! Yo~
Mmm.. I think mostly of you may don't understand what is thesis and what is viva.. Here is some explanation...
Thesis is one of the final personal project that be given for every final year students. We need to develop a systems or games or etc (depends on the title that be given by lecturer). For our university, thesis had separated into two stages, Thesis I and Thesis II.
Thesis I is including the documentation such as proposal and also prototype while Thesis II focusing on developing systems. In this semester, we register for Thesis I. First, we will find a suitable lecturer to be our supervisor. Next, we will be choosing the thesis's title that given by the lecturer (we also can propose our own title). Survey, research, comparing existing systems will be done in this semester. Later, we need to do a report for our title based on the research had been done. All of this work are related to Thesis II. The system will be develop according to the documentation of Thesis I, your own idea on developing.
Viva.. many of my friends ask me what is viva. Now, I would like to explain here..
Viva is an examination conducted by word of mouth. The thesis viva is a bit like the common presentation. But the different is we need to show what we had done for this semester and know how to use the tools. That's why we have to produce a prototype. Some of the moderator will ask you to change code (if the prototype involved coding) or modification or etc in spot. Sometimes, they will ask you to explain the coding and the process also. This is we call viva.
Okie, that's all for today. Tomorrow having a small test lor.. but I already get tips lor.. Hehe.. Ciaoz...!!

Raining Day

Last day to struggle for my thesis viva. Nervous..
Anyway, I had finished my presentation slide and also the most importantly.. my prototype. Haha.. The character is ugly.. hahaha... Mmm.. When can I can be like a professional and create an amazing reality 3D character and environment leh?!
This evening after my KO-K class, I went to pasar rahmadan which near my house with my friend. Both of us went by motorcycle. We bought some veggies and also fruits. While us buying those grocery, the sky become darker.
As we bought eggs, I bought for RM 2.60. I pay RM 10.60 as I didn't had small change. Mana tahu, the seller told us..
S: Saya tak ada duit kecil lar.. kertas wang pun tak ada... (so, he can't pay me the change)
M: ....
There got one aunty said TAK PAYAH BAYAR LAR!! Haha... How come a hawker don't have any of small change leh?? I also didn't understand. Anyway, back to the story... My friend said she also wanted to buy. So I waited her to choose and pay together. As we decided to go home, the sky raining heavily. There are no place to cover!! wah!! Both of us were wet because of the rain. The most amazing is just after we reached home, the rain stopped. Haih~ both of us so innocent... Let the rain having a great shower for us.. =P
Mmm.. is the time for sleep. Tomorrow will be thesis viva. Need to take rest now for keeping a good conditon to face the viva. Haha... Good luck for you all~ and also myself.. ^_^

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sleep sleep sleep..

Although viva is on Wednesday, I'm still on my way to settle my prototype. But today really really tired..

This morning, I slept until cannot wake up.. =P Slept again after my class... hahaha.. I plan to slept for only 15mins, but the mission are FAILED!! I had slept for 1 hours and 30 minutes. WOW~

Today some of friends had get through the thesis viva. Some of them are safe from "shooting" by the moderator, but some had get many shooting. Really worried!! Worried is worried.. still need to do my best.

Tonight must GAMABATE lor!! After Wednesday, can be more relax lor.. (though I'm having test on Thursday.. and one proposal..) When can have a good sleep leh?!! =P

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Viva is coming

Thesis viva... will be start on this Monday.. me...Still have 2days to go.. panic.. tension.. stress... aRRhhh!!!

My thesis session will be on 19 of Oct start from 9.30am. We all need to register and wait for our turn on 9.30am. If not mistaken, I'm the 9th person. I sure will panic while waiting. =P

Although my modelling for prototype are almost done, but I still feel so ugly.. hahaha.. need to modify it until I satisfy. Not yet prepare for my presentation. Moreover, background music.. sound... animation still not yet added for the character. haih... not enough time..

Everyone are panic and tension in this sessions. Everyone also busy. Getting crazy soon.. hahaha!! Gambate for all my friends who struggle with thesis!! Good luck!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

blue blue day~

Weather: Cooling~

Mood: Blue, Down

Recently, here always raining. Dunno why.. Feeling very down tonight.. No mood for everything... Miss everything... I'm just like the sky... get not much of sunshine....

Luckily, there are someone... accompany me whole night... accompany me crazy... sharing thoughts... won't let me feel alone... bother me always... thanks for everything!! You let me feel better..

Good nitez... someone..!! Sleep tight!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I been heard a sentence before... from now i still remember...
A guy telling a girl, "You know what? You are so lucky, because you can choose to love me or not to love me. But me, I only can choose love you or love you more."
Maybe you all been listen/saw this sentence. I think this sentence are so meaningful.. It shows how deep the guy love that girl. Wow~ So how you express your love to your loved one? Sometimes, a little of caring or a little meaningful sentence can also make your loved one happy. Gambate!! Wish any of the couple in the world happy and love each other more deeper lor~~

Monday, October 10, 2005

Funny song~

Today, I get one URL from my friend's forwarded email.
The URL had link me to the website where is a forum. The forum got one person had upload one song that edit from the songs of Michael. It is a famous song which named 童话 and sang by 光良.
But this song are really funny.. what lar!! Such a nice song had edit until... really cannot listen until it finish. Tak ada telinga untuk dengar ar.... Suppose this song is so romantic and a bit of sadness. But after you heard this editing song, pengsan... =P Anyway, this person also not bad lar.. manage to edit the song and brave to sing it.. hahaha...
You may go to listen if you interested. The URL are

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Lack of time.. every minute is very important for me..!! I still having one week to prepare for my thesis viva.
First thing I really worried is my modelling part. Though the viva need only prototype, but I also WORRIED. Modelling a character really spend much of my time. Hopefully that the LUCK will be my side lar and got time for my preparation.. hahaha!!!
At last, I had spend sometime for shopping with my friends. It was an enjoyable shopping day but also had spend much money. no $$ lor!! =P
Girls always like to dresses up. Like to buy shoes, clothes.... especially accessories. So, many sellers tried to attract the customers by having promotion on the accessories. You can see most of the accessories stalls show "3 for RM 10". Of course, it really had attract many girls. Hehe..
The most crowded stall in the Midvally when the day I go shopping was an accessories stall on the second floor. The stall had offered "3 for RM 10" too. The most different from the other stalls was they not only sold earrings, but also bangles, rings, and necklaces. Customers can choose any 3 of the accessories just for RM 10. Wow.. is so attractive for the customers!!
But there were two difficulty to choose the right accessories. First, there was crowded. Next, there were too many accessories, especially EARRINGS!! We also don't know where to choose from. Hahaha...
I had "successfully" choose one pair of earrings and two bangles. Meanwhile, my friend had choose three pair of special earrings. Yeahh~

Friday, October 07, 2005

- Untitled -

As you all know, I need to rush for my thesis within this few weeks. Though I already having idea to model my character, but i'm still finding my way to model it...
But everytime when I'm having stress, then I be manage to know what should I do.. is a bad habit lar...!! hahahaha...
Long time didn't go anywhere lor.. miss the time for shopping.. hunt for delicious food.. hahaha.. I really miss last semester... the study life is so colourful. This semester, the life is just only full of assignment.. where is my colourful life?? I don't want my life so boring... =P
Maybe all of us had grow up? Busy with study or busy for phat thor.. hehehe... Let's hang out together mar!!
Today is Ren Siew's birthday. Happy Birthday... Ren Siew!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thesis Viva...

For four days, I didn't drop my blog here. HOw is everyone ar? fine? Good!!

After suffering from the assignment, suppose I can enjoy the free time before final exam. But actually NOT!!! I still having a Thesis Viva start from next 2 weeks!!

Modelling.. Documentation... all haven't been done...!! When this will end... ??!!! Need to start by this week liao..

God blessed for anyone who also suffer like me. hahaha.... gambate!! ^_^

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The art of Mehndi

I go to try the art of mehndi with my friends. I thought the process is complicated. But is not. It only take bout 15 mins to complete drawing on the hands. The indian friend said this is not a traditional design but is more fashion design. I'm satisfy with my hands.. and it will last long for one weeks.

Now I'm an Indian.. hahaha...

the photo is after drawing...nice or not? ^_^

but now the color are already fade lor... *sigh*